Making your Research Program Covid-19 Resilient

Now more than ever, business leaders need actionable insights, and market researchers need accurate data. In most industries, a research agenda developed before Covid-19 is at risk of generating irrelevant results. Major changes may not be needed - perhaps tweaking a few questions in your brand tracker - or new measures about pre- and post-Stay at Home orders may need to be introduced. The best way to make your research relevant is to take stock of your pre-Covid-19 research plans, evaluate how they may need to change in light of the pandemic and economic disruption, and consider introducing new metrics to accommodate global changes in economic and social priorities and behavior.

What you'll learn from this webinar:

  • Best practices to help you decide when and how to address Covid-19 in market research you have currently planned
  • Methodological guidance to ensure your experience management data accurately captures changing behaviors and sentiment
  • Recommendations for relevant research methodologies and questions in the era of Covid-19

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Picture of Elizabeth Dean

Elizabeth Dean

Senior XM Scientist

Elizabeth Dean is a senior experience management (XM) scientist with 20+ years of designing and leading research for commercial, academic, and government customers. Her expertise is in survey and market research design, UX research, brand health, technology adoption and cross-cultural research. She is passionate about designing questionnaires, contact strategies, and experience management tools that reduce respondent burden and simplify the data capture process. Liz has published research in the International Journal of Social Research Methodology, Military Psychology, and Social Science Computer Review, and co-edited the book Social Media, Sociality and Survey research, published in 2013 by Wiley Press.

Picture of Emily Geisen

Emily Geisen

Senior XM Scientist

Emily Geisen is a senior experience management (XM) scientist with a survey methodology background. She specializes in questionnaire design (with a focus on usability) in order to improve data quality and reduce respondent burden. Emily has over 20 years of experience supporting multiple industries with their research projects.

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