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Radical Listening: How Employee Feedback Drives People Strategy

What happens when you see a dip in employee engagement or key drivers of engagement? For Bright Horizons, it was a chance to “radically listen” to their team’s needs—both within and beyond the workplace.

Listen in as Dr. Liz Pavese-Kaplan chats with Kristin Henderson about how Bright Horizons has successfully impacted employee experiences through a number of feedback-driven programs. They’ll discuss how to uncover key insights from employee experience and operational data through and how to drive change in a large-scale organization.

What you'll learn from the webinar

  • Examples of how Bright Horizons uncovered and met employee needs through wellness programs
  • How to uncover key engagement drivers through different employee data sources
  • Communication and intervention strategies for driving change within large-scale organizations

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Picture of Kristin Henderson

Kristin Henderson

Director of Institutional Research
Bright Horizons

Picture of Liz Pavese-Kaplan, Ph.D.

Liz Pavese-Kaplan, Ph.D.

Employee Experience Advisory Services Lead, Americas

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