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Customer Bliss

Would You Do That to Your Mother? 5 Steps to Accelerate CX and Earn Admirable Growth

Jeanne Bliss|Founder and CEO

Jeanne Bliss, one of the international architects of the customer experience movement pushes us out of the mechanics of experience to what must exist to truly change a company to earn admirable growth. This is creating an insistence on what our behavioral model must be, and what we won’t tolerate it to be. It is choosing our non-negotiables about how we will and will not grow. It is how intent and motivation for helping customers and employees achieve their goals must translate to how we operate, guide people and elevate them to bring the best version of themselves to work. In this session, Bliss provides a template for reviewing our lives as customers and our customers lives – offering 4 dimensions where we must behave admirably in our actions, with our people, and in how we choose to run our business. Her 5th is a new simple quiz to use throughout your organization that will clear the path for action, and simplify what we must and must not do – to guide our leaders our organizations to earn admirable growth.

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