No time for a focus group? Digsite helps you engage up to n=100 of your target audience to understand the “why” behind their attitudes and behaviors. Digsite enables social media-style engagement over one or more days to learn and iterate for actionable decisions.

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Why is integrating Qualtrics survey capabilities and Digsite’s social media-style qualitative platform so valuable?

Essentially, it improves the agility of your team. Survey results often raise questions or problems that would benefit from a more exploratory research approach.

The integration of Qualtrics + Digsite makes it fast and easy launch one or more group discussions to iterate ideas with your target customer over days or more. With Digsite’s Sprint templates you don’t need to be a professional moderator to get quality participation! And Qualtrics integration allows you collect and aggregate survey data across your qualitative communities, so you can track your results.

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10 Ways to use Qualtrics and Digsite to Optimize New Products and Customer Experience.

  1. Turn your mobile concept test into a mobile optimization community
  2. Improve product testing feedback with shared experiences
  3. Optimize positioning language with Qualtrics text highlighting
  4. Embed initial ad impression into your community with Quatrics timed viewing
  5. Translate survey complaints into solutions with brainstorming and voting
  6. Turn your mobile satisfaction survey into a mobile CX community
  7. Improve feedback with multi-day photos and video diaries
  8. Quantify customer experience details across multiple communities
  9. Crowdsource ideas for CX improvements
  10. Optimize CX with consumers while benchmarking key metrics”

Five reasons Qualtrics customers love Digsite:

  • Simple Set Up
  • Results in as little as one day
  • Affordable
  • Seamless Integration with Qualtrics
  • Provides actionable, online qualitative research.