Qualtrics for NPS

Boost your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Qualtrics Customer Experience is the world’s most agile platform for customer experience improvement, making it easy to monitor, respond, and improve every key moment along the customer journey and incorporate customer feedback into every decision.

  • Collect customer feedback from all touchpoints
  • Uncover insights with powerful text analysis and predictive intelligence
  • Automatically identify key drivers of customer experience
  • Follow up with customers with close-the-loop feedback

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"Qualtrics helps us achieve true customer centricity every day"
"With Qualtrics, NPS has risen every year, and closing the loop is now seamless."
"Qualtrics is the difference between success and failure. It’s just that simple."

Go from data to intelligence

Turn data into actions with the world’s most agile customer experience platform.
Powered by iQ - our predictive intelligence engine - Qualtrics Customer Experience automatically surfaces deep insights and predicts the key drivers of your customer experience to:

  • Optimise customer acquisition
  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase share of wallet
  • Build brand awareness and equity

Measure & Baseline

Measure the experience you deliver across all touchpoints with omni-channel feedback.

Predict & prioritize

Know what's coming next, so you can focus on the experiences that matter most.

Act & optimize

Have your finger on the pulse of experience so you can do more of what's working and less of what's not.

Why choose Qualtrics?

Net Promoter Score

Measure your NPS score or find the NPS benchmark in your industry with our Bain certified Net Promoter Score question type

Customer Journey Mapping

Map your customers journey to discover blind spots, analyze pain points and make data based decisions.

Voice of the Customer

Build your own Voice of the Customer program to gather customer feedback across multiple channels, and react instantly using our close the loop ticketing system.

Track your NPS and become the Industry Leader!
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