Improving CX Through Business Discipline Drives Growth

Why customer experience transformation is the best thing for your organization. Companies that have been successful with CX transformation see 5X revenue growth over laggards.

In 2020 it will be imperative for companies to prioritize CX transformation to acquire and retain customers. To effectively transform your customer experience you need to create a CX vision and develop specific CX competencies that will assist in bringing that vision to life.

This report by Forrester, Improving CX Through Business Discipline Drives Growth, shares why transformation is crucial and reviews six competencies that lay the groundwork for transformation:

  • Customer research: In-depth understanding of customers across the organization
  • Prioritization: Sharp focus on what’s most important for customers’ experience and the organization’s business’ success
  • Design: Experiences designed around customer research and customer insights
  • Enablement: Resources for employees and partners to deliver the right experiences effectively
  • Measurement: Quantify the quality of experiences and link to the organization’s overall metrics
  • Culture: Shared values and behaviors that focus on delivering great customer experiences.
According to Forrester, companies that have successfully applied this rigor have seen 5.1X revenue growth over laggards.*

* Forrester analysis of US Securities and Exchange Commission lings by Amazon, AT&T, Charles Schwab, Comcast, Edward Jones, E-Trade, Morgan Stanley, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Walmart from 2010 to 2015

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