Medtronic + QUALTRICS

Sophisticated research made simple

Qualtrics is the world’s leading insights and experience management platform and the only survey tool approved by Medtronics. Qualtrics enables you to run all your research projects on a single platform at the click of a button.

Qualtrics makes real-time research simple with a user-friendly, DIY research platform that is flexible and scalable. And Medtronic trusts Qualtrics with industry leading security to protect its member data privacy.

Medtronic has negotiated a highly-discounted rate of $915/user that is available to all employees. The user package includes:

  • Access to our intuitive drag-and-drop survey tool, powerful logic, 100+ question types, and pre-built survey templates.
  • A variety of distribution techniques including email, website, social medial, offline app
  • The ability to create, test, and launch surveys in real time at the touch of a button
  • Built-in custom reporting and powerful statistical analysis to derive insights immediately after collecting data
  • ExpertReview-Powered by iQ: your own in-product survey methodologist that helps improve survey effectiveness and data quality

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Patient Insights

  • Overall Patient Experience
  • Relational NPS
  • Transactional NPS
  • Real Time feedback
  • Episode (longitudinal) of care

Strategy and Planning

  • Market & opportunity assessment
  • Segmentation & targeting
  • Market sizing
  • Internal feedback
  • Social determinants

Service Line and R&D Research

  • Centers of Excellence assessment
  • Clinical research
  • Naming & concept testing
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Service prioritization
  • User (patient and provider) experience

Know where to focus your investment

Quickly and easily see the features patients and clinicians care about most and how changes to your products will impact sales and satisfaction. It means you can focus your improvements on the things end users care about most.

Understand the perfect price point

Run pricing studies quickly and easily with expert designed research and reports straight out of the box. You’ll see how changes in pricing impact demand, plus you’ll see the optimum price range for your latest launch.

Spot product gaps before your competitors

See at a glance how users feel about your product and compare it to competitors’ offerings. You’ll be able to identify and potential gaps and address them quickly to get ahead of your competitors.