The Total Economic Impact of Qualtrics CustomerXM

Thirty-eight million reasons why we believe the world’s leading brands choose Qualtrics for customer experience management.

The October 2019 Qualtrics-commissioned study The Total Economic Impact™ of Qualtrics CustomerXM, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found that a composite organization, based on Qualtrics customers using the customer experience solution, achieved:

  • 633% return on investment over three years
  • Benefits equaling $38.4M, with a net present value of $33.2M
    • $24.5M in improved customer care support and service
    • $12.3M in increased customer retention and reduced cost of acquisition
    • $1.7M in avoided costs of previous surveys and analytics tools
  • A payback period of less than 3 months

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Other benefits included:

  • Support in transitioning to a data-centric and customer-centric culture
  • Leveraging a robust partner ecosystem for complementary services
  • Flexibility to tailor and grow their programs according to specific needs

We live in an experience economy. The winners and losers of the future will be determined by the experiences they provide. With the right insights, delivered real-time, you can deliver great customer experiences while simultaneously seeking out and eradicating poor experiences. Qualtrics brings together the most advanced experience management platform with the largest ecosystem of experts to help brands deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive real, quantifiable business outcomes that matter.

Download the full study to uncover the specific benefits, avoided costs, and added flexibility of Qualtrics CustomerXM.