Strategic Planning and Segmentation Research

Strategy and segmentation research encapsulates any type of research that precedes product and strategy development.

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Strategy and segmentation research help researchers understand the opportunities and threats that exist in the marketplace and identify which individuals fall within specific target markets. Additionally, this type of research uncovers the needs, wants, expectations and behaviors of targets at every stage of their experience with the organization, brand, product or service. By identifying characteristics and behaviors of prime target markets, researchers and business leaders can determine which products and services to take to market.

Market and opportunity assessments

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to enter into a new market, or an established business seeking growth opportunities, understanding the market is a critical step for the success of any product or service. Market and opportunity assessments are used to identify existing threats and opportunities in the marketplace so that businesses can understand the market prior to building or expanding an offering.

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Segmentation and targeting

Market segmentation is the process of dividing an entire market into different customer segments, as well as creating subsets of a market based on demographics, needs, priorities, common interests, and other psychographic or behavioral criteria. Targeting research identifies which segment(s) the organization or company should focus on.

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Customer needs research

Customer needs research, also called habits and practices research, captures information about customer needs, preferences, and product or service usage. The resulting data allow product managers, planners, and leaders to identify and understand gaps in their offerings so they can prioritize elements of product development.

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