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Whether responding to a survey question or posting a social update, customers are sharing what they need, want, like and don’t like in their own words on their own time. Next generation text analysis technologies combined with the correct survey instrument generates high definition customer insights.

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Ascribe works seamlessly with Qualtrics’ API to pull unstructured survey data through the Ascribe Connector into a flexible, efficient, integrated portfolio of text analytics technologies on a real-time basis, and leverages robust, multi-technology verbatim comment analysis to:

  • Improve usability of customer feedback
  • Increase flexibility and productivity for researchers analyzing customer feedback
  • Unleash and sharpen the insights drawn from free-form customer comments
  • Realize the value/ROI on survey initiatives
  • Improve speed to insights

Ascribe combines the accuracy of human precision with the speed of automated coding through the industry’s leading text analytics suite, Ascribe Intelligence. Intelligence is our integrated portfolio of solutions, including:

  • Inspector: Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Accelerator: Machine Learning
  • Coder: Semi Automated Text Analytics
  • Illustrator: Data Visualization

Used individually or in concert, these solutions deliver a highly flexible comment categorization platform that transforms granular input to HD insights that amplify the Voice of Customer and sharpen your Customer Experience Program.

Comment Management Technology Landscape

Software for text analytics has reached a new level of sophistication, mostly based on an underlying set of techniques termed natural language processing (NLP). The predominance of this method in commercial software risks overshadowing two complementary text processing methods, which are equally relevant and in some instances are more appropriate in handling very large volumes of feedback data. One is machine learning, an artificial-intelligence approach that learns how to categorize and interpret text from samples previously coded. The other is semi-automated coding, an auto-assisted method that organizes the work intelligently and optimizes human decision-making.

Set against the backdrop of varied customer insight initiatives and customer feedback channels, companies can now start to build highly effective technological solutions to integrate feedback. With a portfolio or point-solution approach, the results can be extraordinarily valuable and a full payback should be expected within a single fiscal cycle, not to mention the long term upside. With a multi-technology approach, customers can apply the right tool, or combination of tools, to the project at hand and thus deliver an efficient and effective solution. Look for a partner with the ability to provide multiple text analytic technologies quickly and cost effectively, and the capability to seamlessly interface and integrate with all of your current software and processes.

About Ascribe

Founded in 1999, Ascribe is the leading provider of verbatim text analytics solutions for the world’s most recognizable brands and research firms. Clients spanning 57 countries depend on Ascribe to gain accurate and actionable insights into the feelings and experiences of their customers. Ascribe analyzes more than 300 million open-ended customer comments per year, captured across a broad range of channels and in a myriad of languages. With Ascribe, companies make better, more-informed decisions through a deeper understanding of their customers and markets. Visit Ascribe at

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