Gamification – the application of game design principles to non-gaming activities – is well known to improve user engagement. Most gamification solutions in online research have been used to motivate people to participate in studies, but not to directly improve the study experience. brings the benefits of gamification directly into your survey by replacing complex modules with insightful games. Each game is designed as a drop-in replacement for common research methodologies, such as MaxDiff choice modeling or large-grid rating scale feedback. measures respondents’ in-game behaviors and translates that information into actionable insights.

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Through Qualtrics’ partnership with, the process is fast and easy:

  1. Select and create a new game with your account at
  2. Configure the game with the basic research stimuli, such as a list of attributes to test. Customize question text and look-and-feel, as desired, before testing your game.
  3. Follow the publishing instructions by pasting a snippet of JavaScript code into the location in your Qualtrics survey flow that should host the game.
  4. Analyze and retrieve your data during or after completion of your study.

As the game portfolio expands, so too do the available methodologies and survey modules that can be replaced with games. Response rates and user satisfaction measurably improve when using a datagame instead of its traditional counterpart, as does user attention; gamification of Qualtrics surveys yields better data, while saving money at the same time.

Gamification for market and consumer research

Beyond incentivizing specific forms of consumer behavior, gamification can be an excellent tool in market research. Gamification principles can be applied to customer surveys in order to increase user engagement and enhance the quality of responses. The benefits of gamification in market research include:

Improved engagement rates: Today’s survey mechanisms simply aren’t keeping up with increasing distractions. In order to improve completion rates and maintain participants’ attention, your survey needs to be more engaging than the distractions that surround participants, from the iPhone in their pockets to their hungry kids asking them to make dinner. Gamification is an excellent way to attract and maintain participant attention in market research surveys. Did you know people spend more time playing a survey game than they do answering a generic version of the same survey?

Happier participants: Research shows that people who play a game during a survey are twice as happy with the survey as those who did not play a game. Furthermore, gamification appeals to people from all demographic groups. Gamification caters to the average person’s desire for status, reward, competition, and achievement. These things are all part of human nature. They transcend gender, generational, and cultural barriers and apply to a broad range of demographics.

Lower costs: More people finish surveys with games in them than those without games. That means a better response rate, which means lower cost and faster fills.

Ultimately, gamification can be an excellent tool for companies looking to cut their market research costs while simultaneously producing greater volumes of high-quality data. is an easy, affordable, and effective way to reap all of the benefits gamification offers for online research.

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