Call Center Manager lets you use WinCati to automate your call center supervisor and interviewer activities while using Qualtrics to create and conduct your surveys. WinCati’s phone, web, and phone/web mixed-mode capabilities increase your cooperation and completion rates while lowering your costs.

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WinCati Call Center Manager works like an expert supervisor. It makes thousands of decisions every second to ensure that your Qualtrics surveys are administered to your exact specifications.
Qualtrics and WinCati Call Center Manager work together seamlessly to give you:

    • Automated sample and call management
    • Integrated sample database including the ability to connect directly to your external databases
    • Sample, quota, callback, disposition and interviewer productivity reporting
    • Auto, Rapid and Proactive dialing
    • Phone, web, and true phone/web mixed-mode interviewing
    • Simple to complex quota management
    • Call disposition tracking
    • On-screen interviewer monitoring
    • Interview audio recording

WinCati Call Center Manager incorporates mainstream PC hardware and software. Compatible and inexpensive equipment, software tools, and system support are readily available. WinCati Call Center Manager supports voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems to lower your interviewing costs and virtual private networks (VPN) to give you the option of having supervisors and interviewers work in your call center or from home.

How Bay Area Research Initiative uses WinCati with Qualtrics

Bay Area Research Initiative (BARI) provides in-depth surveys of Bay Area residents, focusing primarily on political behavior, policy preferences and community perceptions. We utilize the Qualtrics platform through the WinCati program to allow for the integration of complex surveys with telephone interviewing. BARI utilizes the Qualtrics interface for the WinCati program to survey Bay Area residents regarding politics, community interactions and policy preferences. The data is merged with a Qualtrics web survey and provides robust and mixed method/mode results.
The integration of the WinCati and Qualtrics platforms allows for more efficient and responsive sampling. Both Qualtrics and WinCati work diligently to support every phase of integration. The results demonstrate the value added from mixed-mode survey techniques, and the ability of integration between Qualtrics and WinCati to support these efforts for more robust and comprehensive findings.
We continue to expand upon the functionality of the Qualtrics software and it’s integration with WinCati to further expand our survey’s reach.

– Marcela Garcia-Castanon, PhD, Director of the Bay Area Research Initiative