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Assessment Messages

What are your assessment messages?

Assessment messages refers to the pieces of text built into your online assessment, excluding the items/questions. Most companies will have a couple different messages on their assessment, tailored for subjects (people being evaluated) and evaluators (people evaluating others):

  • Assessment welcome page – the landing page with a welcome note
  • Instructions page – outlining the key details needed to complete the assessment


What should good assessment messages include?

The table below shows the key information you should include in each assessment message:


Information on that Page

Welcome page * Why feedback assessments are important

* What the evaluation process is

* Assurances around confidentiality

* Ask people to be honest and constructive!

Instructions page * How long the assessment should take

* Details on how to answer questions

* Any applicable deadlines for responses

* Where to go if they have any questions

* Common rating biases to avoid


What do you need to prepare?

You will need your final set of survey messages in a clean word document before you build your assessment online. If you have a welcome note coming from a senior leader in your organization it’s likely you’ll need their approval of the content – therefore we recommend allowing enough time for this process before working with the final version.

When do you need it prepared by?

Your Implementation Consultant will define deadlines with you further, but generally you need to finalize your final survey messages no later than three weeks out from your desired survey launch date.

Click below to download templates for each of your assessment messages, one for subjects and the other for evaluators.

Download your template for subject messages!

Download your template for evaluator messages!