Qualtrics 360

Implementation Key Dates and Timeframes

What are the key steps and timelines for a 360 Assessment?

As with any project, this implementation will have key deadlines the whole team needs to meet to keep the project on track. The main phases for a survey project are shown below.

Onboarding call

The call where we kick off the project, you meet your project team and your Implementation Consultant will walk you through an overview of the implementation process and discuss project timeline.

Finalize assessment questions

In this time you’ll be pulling together your final question set, to help you, we have provided you with a question template. Questions will need to be final at this point, so we recommend ensuring all the right stakeholders consulted and signing off the final versions.

Finalize assessment messages

This is any text that also belongs within your online assessment; for example, a welcome page text or any instructions text. We have best practice templates you can adjust for your organization.

Finalize email text

When you launch your assessment, you’ll want all employees to receive an email inviting them to evaluate others, or take a self-evaluation. We have some best practice templates you can use for this if you wish.

Finalize participant data file

n order to send survey links out to employees by email we need a clean list of your employees with any demographic information you wish to include. Templates for this information are provided.

Training 1 of 2 – assessment, emails, participants

Once you’ve finalized these first four pieces of content, we will run a training session with you. In this session we will show you how to turn your questions and text into an online assessment, upload your participant list, and setup your online emails.

Finalize online assessment, emails and participants

With the first training complete, you will be equipped to finish setting up your online assessment,email messages and participants.We will be available if you have any questions.

Final workflow rules

We will explain what the 360 reporting workflow is and share some best practices with you in terms of setup. We’ll then ask you to finalize decisions around these.

Training 2 of 2 – reports and workflow

Our second training will focus on how to set up your 360 report template, and how to set your different reporting workflow options. As with the first training, we’ll teach by doing, so you’re fully equipped to work with our tool following the session.

Finalize report template

After the second training, you’ll be able to finalize the setup of your 360 report template, which will be used for all subjects in your assessment.

Qualtrics pre-launch review

To help ensure a successful project, we’ll walk you through a number of checks on your assessment setup and point out anything we spot that might be an error or an inconsistency.

Assessment Live

You’re ready to launch; your 360 assessment is up and running!