Qualtrics 360

Subject and Evaluator Participant Lists

What are your Subject and Evaluator Participant Lists?

Your Subject Information file is a CSV spreadsheet file with all the people (subjects) you would like to include in the 360 assessment. (Note: self evaluations will be automatically included in our system).

Your Evaluator Information file is optional: if you want to pre-assign who evaluates your participants (subjects), then you will also need a CSV spreadsheet with Evaluator information. This option is only necessary if you’re not allowing people to self-select who evaluates them in their assessment, but instead want to pre-designate who should evaluate subjects in your assessment.

What should good participant lists include?

This Subject Information file will need to include the following columns:

  1. First Name for each subject being assessed
  2. Last Name for each subject being assessed
  3. Email address for each subject being assessed
  4. Optional: additional Metadata columns with any information on the subject you’d like, such as Team or Role information, each in a separate column. Change the column names in the spreadsheet from “Metadata1”, “Metadata2” to whatever you would like (e.g., “Team”, “Role”), and add additional columns if you would like.

If you choose to also use an Evaluator Information file, it should contain the following information:

  1. First Name for each evaluator, per subject they are assessing (they can be listed multiple times)
  2. Last Name for each evaluator, per subject they are assessing (they can be listed multiple times)
  3. Evaluator email address, per subject they are assessing (they can be listed multiple times)
  4. Subject email address of the subject being assessed (they can be listed multiple times)
  5. The relationship that the evaluator is to the subject (e.g., Manager, Peer, Direct Report, Other). You can change the wording of these relationships as you like. In the example Evaluator Information file below, Jane Smith (the evaluator) is John Doe (the subject)’s direct report.

Each evaluator will need to be repeated on the sheet for as many subjects as they are evaluating.


What do you need to prepare?

You’ll need your Subject Information file so you can load the participants into our system, ensure assessment emails are sent to the right person, and track who is evaluating who. Although our 360 portal manages most of this, we need an initial file from you with the people you want to be included in the assessment.

If you decide to use an Evaluator Information file as well, you will also need this in addition to your Subject Information file.

When do you need it prepared by?

Your implementation consultant will define specific timeframes for your project, but generally we will need your final, clean participant file no later than one week before your launch date. We will then work with you to load this file up into our 360 system.

Click below to download the templates for your Subject and Evaluator participant files. These are the formats you’ll need to upload your final Subject and Evaluator participant lists in. Please delete the example data and input your own before importing it into our system.

Download an example Subject Information template!

Download an example Evaluator Information template!