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Congratulations! It’s your 1st anniversary!

It's time to celebrate! Another week brings another round of work anniversaries for our growing team.

One year ago this week, we brought on some amazingly talented people! They joined us in Sales, Engineering, Quni, and as interns across the business!! This class of talent came to us from many top companies like Gallup, SPS Commerce, and They came from universities like the University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, BYU, Westminster College, and Maynooth University. 

The Qualtrics team grew by over 960 people last year - and by 2021 we're looking to have a team that is 8500 people strong! We're looking forward to celebrating many (many!) of their first work anniversaries in the weeks to come.

Join us each week as we celebrate first-year #workiversaries here at Qualtrics! The #QualtricsLife is a diverse one - check out our story series “Why Qualtrics and explore how our teams are experiencing ‘real life’ with their colleagues and families through the Qualtrics Experience Bonus.

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