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Congratulations to our class of May 14, 2018!

One year ago this week we brought on 16 people from around the world to join our Engineering, Services, and Sales teams!! This class of talent came to us from companies like Google, Target, and Hitachi.

Over a third of this group came into our Engineering team. Others in this group joined our Sales, Customer Success, and Creative teams.

A year ago, Qualtrics was sharing that we were introducing our strategic partnership with IBM. However, it’s been busy in the year since!

So congratulations to our CLASS OF May 14, 2018! We’re looking forward to all you do in the next year!

Join us each week as we celebrate first-year #workiversaries here at Qualtrics! The #QualtricsLife is a diverse one - check out our team’s story series of “Why Qualtrics” and explore how our teams are experiencing ‘real life’ with their colleagues and families through the Qualtrics Experience Bonus.

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