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Retake Survey Link (EX)

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Qtip: This page describes functionality available to Engagement, Lifecycle, and Ad Hoc Employee Research projects. For more details on each, see Types of Employee Experience Projects.

About the Retake Survey Link

Retake survey links allow you or your participant to go back into an EmployeeXM survey response and edit it after it has been submitted. This is useful if a respondent mistakenly answered a question or if the participant’s incomplete response was closed because of inactivity but they would like to finish the survey.

Qtip: Although you can issue retake survey links for any recorded response, responses in progress must be closed and moved to recorded responses first.

When participants enter the retake link, they’ll see the answers they chose the last time they worked on the survey. When they finish, the new response will completely replace the original response in the data set.

Generating a Retake Link in the Participants Tab

When you generate a retake link in the Participants tab, it is up to you to send this link to the participant.

  1. Navigate to the Participants tab.
    The Participants section of the Participants tab. One of the participants on the page is indicated.
  2. Make sure you are in the Participants section.
  3. Click on the name of the participant you’re generating the link for.
  4. Click Actions.
    The Participation Information window is open with the Actions dropdown expanded
  5. Select Get retake link.
  6. Copy the link and send it to the participant.
    Retake link in a pop-up window

Generating a Retake Link in the Data & Analysis Tab

When you generate a retake link in the Data & Analysis tab, it is up to you to send this link to the participant. The Data & Analysis tab does not display participant name or email on the response, so unless you use knowledge of the answers or unique metadata to find the right response, it is better to generate a retake link from the Participants tab.

  1. Navigate to the Data & Analysis tab.
    Data tab. Actions dropdown to the far-right of a response
  2. Click the dropdown menu under Actions next to the response you’d like to retake.
  3. Click Retake Response.
  4. Copy the link and send it to the participant.
    Retake Link indicated in pop-up window

Allow Survey Retakes

Attention: This setting is not compatible with Employee Lifecycle. See Allowing Participants to Submit Multiple Responses in Lifecycle.

There is one more way you can get retake links to your participants. This method is probably the most convenient, because it allows participants to retake the survey as many times as they like using the original link they were invited to the survey with. However, with this setting, you cannot limit the number of times a participant retakes, and they will be able to keep going until the assessment is closed or the option is deselected.

This setting is not compatible with the anonymous link. If you’d like to use the anonymous link, but allow participants to retake their responses, check out the authenticator feature.

Attention: If you leave this option enabled, anyone who accesses the link can retake the response. Be clear with managers that they should not forward their survey invitation to members of their team, because each participant gets their own unique link.
Qtip: You can turn this option on and off at any time during your data collection.
  1. Navigate to the Survey tab.
    Image of survey options opened with survey retake enabled
  2. Click Survey options.
  3. Go to the Responses section.
  4. Enable Survey retakes.
  5. Make sure to publish your change when you’re done preparing your survey.

When participants revisit a link where they’ve already completed the survey, they will see the message shown below. To retake the survey, they just need to select Retake Survey.

Message that says You have already completed the survey. Then a link that says Retake Survey