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Can you create one assesment but have it appear depending on relationship or metadata?
Yes, this can be done by using Show To Display Logic, Question Display Logic, or Branch Logic.
Can you have statements within a question have display logic?
Yes, question statements within a Matrix table, Side-by-Side, or Slider question can have display logic. You may also set display logic on answer choices in Multiple Choice questions. To add display logic:

  1. Click on the question statement or answer choice. The statement or answer choice will be surrounded by a blue box
  2. Click the blue arrowed button on the right side and select “Add Display Logic from the drop down menu. A window will appear.
  3. Add the condition for the question statement or answer choice to be displayed. Conditions can be based on metadata, relationship, or answers to previous questions.
  4. Click “Save”. A dark blue arrow will appear next to the question statement or answer choice, indicating that display logic is in place.
How do you score certain questions in your form?
  1. Select Score Form in the navigation bar on the left side.
  2. Select the Scoring Category you would like to add scoring for.
  3. Locate the question you would like to score for that particular Scoring Category.
  4. Select “Auto” on the left side of the question to set automatic scores, or click directly on any answer choice to assign a custom score.

To learn more, visit our page on Building Your Form > Scoring.