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Step 1: Building Your Form


The first step is building your form. A form is the evaluation that subjects complete about themselves and evaluators complete about subjects. We’ll walk you through how to gather the materials you need to build a form and then how to build it.

Preparing Your Competencies and Questions

Prior to building your form you will need a list of the:

  • Questions and competencies that you want included in the assessment
  • Scale points associated with each question
  • Question type you will use for each question

Knowing what competencies you want to measure and which questions will measure them will making building your form a breeze! Best practice is to have 5 -10 competencies and under 50 total questions (including open text boxes) in the assessment. Too many questions can cause rater fatigue which may lead to less accurate answers.

Selecting the right scale points allows you to do the analysis you want and evaluate the subject appropriately. We recommend using any of the following:

  • Frequency Scale: Always, Most of the Time, Sometimes, Rarely, Never
  • Agreement Scale: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree
  • Comparison Scale: Well Above Average, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Well Below Average

Question Types

Once you have your competencies, questions and scale points, you’ll want to think about the question types you will use. The right question type can make all the difference for people taking the assessment and for building the report.

Qualtrics offers several question types but best practice is to use a matrix table question, multiple choice question or a text entry question. Below are a list of the different question types available in Qualtrics.


Pulls in Results well the following visualizations
    Scoring Categories are Compatible
Question Type Graphs
Multiple Choice Yes Yes Yes
Matrix Table Yes Yes Yes
Text Entry No Yes No
Slider Yes Yes Yes
Pick, Group & Rank No Yes No
Constant Sum Yes Yes Yes
Rank Order Yes Yes No
Side by Side Yes Yes Yes

Building Your Form

It’s time to build your form! If you need assistance organizing your question set, you can click here to see an example excel document where we have all of the forms questions listed, along with the assigned scale points or question types. After reviewing our example, you can click here and access your own template and start inserting your own questions within that document.

This template cannot be directly imported into Qualtrics, but it is rather a way for you to organize your questions and competencies before you begin building within Qualtrics.

Once you have your question set prepared, you can begin programming it into your Qualtrics account. Below we have a series of videos that will walk you through the necessary steps of creating your first form.

Creating Questions

If you have worked with our Research Suite product, you will find that adding questions follows very similar steps.  This video will walk you through how to begin building your question set within the Qualtrics 360 tool.

Adding Advanced Features

By watching this video, you will learn how to incorporate logic into your form. Logic is useful for determining who answers particular questions, how the questions will be phrased to the evaluators, and so on.


Competencies are typically created by finding the weighted mean between a series of questions. By setting up scoring categories in the form, these weighted means can be easily calculated and displayed in the Subjects Report. This video will walk you through how to set up scoring your form.


We offer a tutorial to give you the optional opportunity to utilize one of our default for templates (check out this PDF) and walk through all of the steps for building your first form. Click here to download a file that can be uploaded into your own Qualtrics account and then follow along the tutorial to see how you can make your own custom edits.