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Getting Started with 360

Welcome to the Qualtrics 360 platform! We are excited to help you launch your 360 assessment, and it takes just 5 steps. All the materials you need to build and distribute your assessment are provided. You’ll find downloadable templates, video tutorials and interactive surveys in each of the 5 steps.

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Building your 360 assessment in the platform will be easier and more effective if you are well-prepared. Below is a list of all of the content you should have prior to building your assessment. Click here to download a document that will give you these items presented in the form of a checklist.

  • The list of competencies you want to use in your assessment
  • The list of questions/items you want included and their associated category/competency
  • The design of the subject report
  • A list of subjects and their associated evaluators (if applicable)
  • Final drafts of the email messages (invites and reminders) to send to subjects and evaluators
  • An understanding of how you want your assessment to be structured (i.e., who selects evaluators, who receives reports, etc)

Before you start building your assessment, we recommend familiarizing yourself with our platform. Knowing how the platform is structured and where you’ll be working will help ensure you have a great experience while building your assessment. Click here (or click the video below) to watch this short overview to learn more about our platform.

If you are the Qualtrics administrator for your organization, click here to learn more about the different options available to you, such as creating other administrators, building divisions, and setting up permissions.