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Welcome to the
New Qualtrics

Welcome to the new Qualtrics Insight Platform, our solution for helping you connect data and drive outcomes. We have a new layout and design, as well as many new features to help you simplify and streamline your workflow. Additionally, our new user interface (or “UI”) lays the foundation for an exciting new way of managing your projects through Qualtrics.

We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are! Take a look at this page to view the key changes and additions we’ve made to each part of our platform.

  • New at-a-glance project metrics, such as estimated response time and 12-day response trend
  • Nestable drag & drop folders and projects
  • Option to import a QSF file directly from the Create Project menu
  • Two new question types, Highlight and Signature

  • Distribution Summary, which shows an interactive history of all the responses you've collected for your project
  • Inline Email Questions, letting you insert a survey question directly into your email invitations
  • Personal Links for integrated lists in Marketo
  • Global SMS Survey Invitations, allowing you to send Individual Links to your participants' mobile devices

  • Response tagging, allowing you to add information to your responses after they’ve been recorded
  • New text analytics capabilities
  • Ability to show or hide any response or question data columns in the response viewer
  • New advanced filtering with nestable logic sets

  • Item type bar, allowing you to easily view just your contact lists or just your samples
  • Integrated menu for Add Member options
  • Current Jobs notice for when you’re generating a sample or exporting a list, allowing you to leave and return later to see your job’s progress

  • Nestable drag & drop folders and library elements
  • Item type bar (Survey, Files, and Messages Libraries), allowing you to sort by the type of items (e.g., just surveys or just PDFs)
  • List and Icon layouts for the Graphics Library
  • Advanced sorting menu in the Graphics Library

Learn to Build

New to Qualtrics or want a refresher of the basics?

Watch our getting started video, or learn Qualtrics in 5 simple steps.

Getting Started

Basic Building and Distributing

Advanced Building

Responses and Results

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