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SI User Management

Managing Users in Site Intercept

Most of your user account management will be done in Research Suite. As you’ll see down below, the creation and management of user accounts in Site Intercept is quite similar to how it is done in Research Suite. One reason to use the Users page in Site Intercept is to grant a user access to your Site Intercept environment.

Creating New User Accounts

  1. Open the Users area of the Administration section.image03
  2. Click on the Create a New User button on the right side of the page.image05
  3. Provide the username, name, email, password, and optionally, a division or user type. Note: The chosen user type will also define the  user’s Research Suite permissions. If you’d like to manage these permissions, you’ll need to edit the user from Research Suite.image06
  4. Customize the Site Intercept permissions for the user. You can do this by checking the boxes next to each specific permission. You can click the grey box in the Enabled column to enable the permission or the box in the Disabled column to turn the box red and disable the permission.image00

If you’d like all new users to have access to Site Intercept, be sure that your “Default Self-Enrollment” user type has “Access Site Intercept” enabled.

Editing Existing User Accounts


You can edit any existing user account (i.e., to enable Site Intercept access) as long as they are in your brand. You can edit a user by searching for and identifying the user, and simply clicking on the username.

Updating Basic Account Information

The top portion of the user account settings window allows you to modify the username, name and email address associated with the user. You can also send a password reset email to the user, set a division or user type, disable or enable their account, or add an expiration date to their user account.image01

Modify Access Permissions

You can also turn any Site Intercept permission on or off from the As Type default. The “Access Site Intercept” permission is what allows users to switch to Site Intercept. Manage Site Intercept Zones allows users to view and manage all of your Zones.