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About Zones


A Zone is a collection of Intercepts. Zones offer two benefits:

  • Easier implementation. By placing a Zone Code on your website rather than the code for each individual Intercept, you can create new Intercepts and turn Intercepts on or off without ever having to update your website.
  • Easier administration. Within each Zone, you can specify which Site Intercept users are allowed to create and publish content.

Note: The ability to create and manage Zones is typically reserved for those with an administrative account. Check and see if you have the Zones section in your account to know if these settings will be available to you.

On this support page, you will learn how to create and manage Zones within your license.

Creating And Managing Zones

When you enter the Zones section, you’ll see all of your organization’s Zones listed along the left side.


For simple implementations, the default Global Zone may be sufficient. However, if you are using Intercepts on multiple websites, or if have multiple teams using Site Intercept for different websites, you may benefit from multiple zones.

Example: On a website with main product pages and support pages, you might implement two Zones – a Product Pages Zone that the marketing team has access to, and a Support Pages Zone that the support team has access to. Both groups would be limited to making changes within their own domains, rather than having one Zone for everybody.

Creating a New Zone

  1. In the Zones section, click the green New Zone button.image02
  2. Enter a name for your new Zone, and click Save.image05
  3. Click the green Add Users to Zone button.image01
  4. Click on the accounts that you want to have access to this Zone, and then click the green Select button.image00
  5. Check the boxes of the permissions appropriate to each user within the Zone.image03
    Note: By default, users will have permission to edit Creatives and edit Intercepts. For more specific permissions, such as defining which Creative types a user can add, click Details to open up another menu. If you would like the user to have the ability to add others to this specific Zone, enable the Manage Zone permission.