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Manage Zones


In the top-right of the Zones section, you will see a Manage Zones menu.
The Manage Zones menu gives you the ability to rename the Zone, delete the Zone, deactivate the Zone, and perform additional functions found under Zone Options.

Deactivating a Zone

Deactivating a Zone will prevent any network requests from being made by a zone or intercept code that may be live on your website. Many users will deactivate a Zone in order to conserve their usage of Site Intercept, as measured by Page Views. If you want to start running your intercepts again, don’t forget to reactivate your Zone from this same menu.
Note: The option to deactivate a zone will only work for code that was retrieved from Site Intercept after April 2013.

Zone Testing Setup

Zone Testing Setup options are used to specify which intercepts are active by default every time you pull the editing version of the Zone Code, possibly implemented on a test server.image00

Every time you pull the Editing Zone Code you must select which intercepts in the zone you’d like to test. The options found above allow you to specify which Intercepts are active by default every time the Editing Zone Code is used. Simply check the box next to any Intercept to have it be active when the editing version of the Zone Code is used. When you pull the Editing Zone Code, it will look like the setup in this menu, but you will also be able to deviate from the default setup.


Use the Cookie Domain option to specify where the cookie that records the visitor’s site history will be stored. This can be useful for websites with multiple subdomains – i.e., and By default, cookies are saved independently for each subdomain so that each would have its own Site History, Time On Site, and Page Count.image05

In this example, simply setting the cookie domain to would ensure just one cookie is used for the entire website.

Zone Loading Options

This option allows you to load the entire Zone using Javascript code. Despite the Zone being active, Intercepts will not begin evaluating logic, nor will any creatives display, until the Zone code is loaded manually with the Javascript code,

Intercept and Creative Approval Requirements

Approval Requirements can be used to ensure only quality content is published to your website.


With the approval system, you can specify individual users or groups of users who must give permission for a Creative or Intercept to be published. When a user goes to publish new content, they will have the opportunity to select an individual or group from your list to approve their change. That person will receive an email with the opportunity to either approve or reject the changes.


To Set Up Approval for Intercepts or Creatives

  1. Click Change to add approval requirements.image10
  2. Select whether a specific user or anyone with a specific user type can approve new content.image11
  3. If selecting a user type, select how many users must give approval before content can be published.image09
  4. Select either the specific user or the user type that will be approving content.image06
  5. Optionally, click the plus sign to add additional approval requirements.image03

In addition to requiring approvals, you can enter email addresses in the Notification Emails area if you wish for yourself or others to receive notification when Creatives or Intercepts are published or activated.image02