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Extract Data from SuccessFactors Task

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About Extract Data from SuccessFactors Task

The Extract data from SuccessFactors task automates an employee data export from SuccessFactors. You can import core employee data (name, email, unique identifier), employee metadata (gender, role, department, etc), and org hierarchy data (manager, location) on a recurring schedule that you set. After your data is imported into Qualtrics, it needs to be saved using a data loader task, usually the load users into EX directory task.

Setting Up an Extract Data from SuccessFactors Task

  1. Using the navigation menu in the top left, go to Workflows.
    navigating to workflows in the global navigation and creating a new workflwo
  2. Click Create a workflow.
  3. Determine whether the workflow should be Scheduled or Event-Based. For a comparison of these options, see scheduled workflows vs. event-based workflows.
    choosing a scheduled workflow

    Qtip: Generally, we recommend using a scheduled workflow so your employee data is updated on a regular cadence.
  4. Click Get started.
  5. If desired, rename your workflow by clicking the workflow name at the top.
    creating the workflow schedule, renaming the workflow, and adding a task
  6. Determine when the workflow should run (if a scheduled workflow) or the event that triggers the workflow (if an event-based workflow).
  7. Click the plus sign ( + ) and select Task.
  8. Select Extract data from SuccessFactors.
    selecting the extract data from successfactors task
  9. Choose a SuccessFactors account to use.
    choosing an account to use, or clicking add user account
  10. If you want to add a new SuccessFactors account to use, click Add new user account.
    Qtip: After clicking Add new user account, you will be directed to enter your SuccessFactors account information. See finding your SuccessFactors account information for help finding the required fields.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Four fields will be automatically mapped for you. These fields correspond to core employee data fields and are commonly imported into Qualtrics. These fields are your employee’s first name, last name, email address, and unique identifier. If needed, you can remove these fields from your mapping.
    selecting fields to extract from successfactors
  13. To add additional fields to import, click Add Field.
  14. Select a SuccessFactors field by clicking the field box and choosing from the list. You can also type in the field name to find it more quickly. You can search by either field name (if available, e.g., “Gender”) or by field path within SuccessFactors (e.g. personal_information/birth_name).
    Qtip: Custom fields can be imported by entering the appropriate SuccessFactors fieldname (e.g., personal_information/custom_fieldname). Custom fields will not appear in search results as you type.
  15. To remove a field, click the minus sign ( ) to the right of the field.
  16. When finished mapping fields, click Save.

After setting up your SuccessFactors task, you must tell Qualtrics where to save your data with a data loader task. Usually, this is the load users to EX directory task.

Finding Your SuccessFactors Account Information

After clicking Add new user account, you will see a screen for you to enter the following information:
adding credentials for a new user account

  • Name: This is the label you give your account. This field isn’t used for authentication.
  • Username: Your SuccessFactors username.
  • Password: Your SuccessFactors password.
  • Company ID: Your SuccessFactors company ID.
  • Datacenter domain: Your SuccessFactors domain.

You can find these fields from your SuccessFactors login page:
the successfactors login screen with your successfactors information

  1. Your Username is entered in the username field.
  2. Your Password is entered in the password field.
  3. Your Company ID will appear above the login fields.
    Example: An example company ID is SFPART000000.
  4. Your Datacenter domain can be found in your URL once logged into SuccessFactors.
    Example: An example datacenter domain is

If you need help accessing your SuccessFactors information, please contact SuccessFactors support.

Troubleshooting SuccessFactors Tasks

To troubleshoot your workflow, head to workflows reporting and view the output of your workflow. If your workflow failed, this will contain information into why it failed.

Incorrect Account Credentials

The most common cause of failed tasks is that credential information was incorrectly configured. In your task output, look for one of the following error messages, and then take the following suggested resolution:

Error Message Resolution
“failed to list employees – failed to login – login error from SuccessFactors: Login failure due to the invalid company!” The value entered for your SuccessFactors Company ID is incorrect. Add a new user account with the correct information.
“the domain “{someDomain}” associated with the task’s credential is not a valid SuccessFactors domain” The value entered for your SuccessFactors Datacenter domain is incorrect. Add a new user account with the correct information.
“failed to list employees – failed to login – login error from SuccessFactors: Authentication failed, invalid user id or password(status code = 4)” The value entered for your SuccessFactors Username or Password is incorrect. Add a new user account with the correct information.

If your credential appears to be correct but you are receiving one of the above errors, reach out to SuccessFactors Support to verify your account information.

If you have an error message that does not match one of the above errors, please contact Qualtrics Support.

Imported Fields are Blank

The extract data from SuccessFactors task displays all non-custom fields associated with a SuccessFactors account, but it’s possible that the field selected in the task does not have information associated with it in SuccessFactors. Ensure that the field’s path you’ve selected matches a filled field in SuccessFactors. Note that some field names might be associated with multiple locations within SuccessFactors. For example, “/personal_information/created_by” and “address_information/created_by” are different fields!