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Tableau Integration


Integrating Qualtrics with Tableau gives you the ability to fully automate the flow of Qualtrics survey data into the Tableau platform. Each survey within your Qualtrics account can be linked to your Tableau account as a data source to be analyzed and manipulated as desired.


To set up the integration between Qualtrics and Tableau, verify that your license has the Tableau Integration enabled. For more information about enabling the Tableau Integration contact your Qualtrics representative. Tableau 9.1 or higher is also required for the integration to work. More details about upgrading can be found here.

Importing from Qualtrics to Tableau

  1. Under the Connect menu in Tableau, select More Servers and then choose Web Data Connector.
  2. A window will appear that prompts for a URL specific to your survey.
  3. In your Qualtrics account, navigate to the Responses module.
  4. Under Tools select Export Data.
  5. Copy the link found under the Tableau section.
  6. Paste that link into the Web Data Connector.

    Qtip: Other surveys that have been connected recently will be available under the Recent Connectors.
  7. Log in with Qualtrics credentials.
  8. Use the checkboxes next to the field names to select which fields you want to import. Clicking the box next to Field will select all of the survey fields.

    Qtip: Each question will be displayed in the format “Question NumberQuestion Label”. Both of these can be edited within you Qualtrics account before importing to make field selection simpler and more efficient.
  9. Determine which fields you want to Transpose.

    Qtip: Make sure that you only select the fields you will be using in your report. A more compact data set will lead to better performance both during the import process and when data is refreshing within Tableau.
  10. If you click Transpose, an options menu will appear allowing you to select which transposed information you wish to import.These fields are the ones that will appear in Tableau for all transposed data.
  11. Click Import Survey Responses to import them into Tableau.
  12. You data will now be available just like any other data source within Tableau. Each survey can be connected as its own, unique data source. It can also be connected as multiple data sources allowing one to have the option of having both transposed data and non-transposed data within the same dashboard.

Transposing Data

In order to get the most out of your data that is imported into Tableau, it is important to understand the Transpose feature. Transposing a field will group it based off of the selected options from the Transpose options menu. All transposed fields will be combined and displayed as the selected Transpose options at the top of your data list in Tableau. Fields that are not transposed will be listed below those that have been and grouped by question number.

On the Transpose options menu, some of the data types are labeled differently than within Qualtrics. Here is a list of what they are called in Tableau and the corresponding name within Qualtrics:

Tableau Label Qualtrics Equivalent
Question ID Question Number
Numerical Value                        Coded Value
Textual Answer Choice Text/Variable Label
Question Text Question Label (or question text of question if label is blank)