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How to engage (and win over) your employee engagement stakeholders: Senior HR staff

Your HR Leadership team are an important employee engagement stakeholder. Find out how to keep them on side from start to finish of your employee engagement program

The survey component of your employee engagement project will ultimately sit within the remit of , HR Directors, Directors of Talent and other senior HR team members. Therefore they will have a keen interest in the success of the program.

Here’s our guide to getting them on board and keeping them happy throughout the process.

Why they’ll care

Senior HR Leaders (i.e. Executive HRD, Global head of HR discipline such as Talent, Culture and/or Engagement) will want to be seen as having a leading approach to employee engagement and wellbeing.

They’ll want to be able to report to the leadership team to demonstrate best practice as well as show how it’s impacting the organisation’s operational metrics through improved productivity, engagement and wellbeing of their workforce.

Senior HR leaders will be showing this to the leadership team – they’ll want to look good when they present it

How to use them

The HR Leadership needs to input into the survey design and also the plans for reporting and communicating the results to managers. They’ll also be heavily involved in presenting the results, either presenting them to the leadership team or the wider organisation.

What they’ll want to see

Your HR Leaders will want to focus on actions – so they’ll want to be able to drive real change off the back of it. The survey can also improve employee relations and it will impact their internal profile, so they’ll want it to be recognised as a success by their superiors.

What keeps them up at night

Negative feedback will likely be their main worry – particularly if it shines a light on improvements needed in HR, like a poor performance management system. They’ll also worry they’ll be responsible for ‘holding the baby’ and driving action around the survey. Their reputation is at stake here, so if the program goes wrong – for example you have the wrong data, results or poor response rates – they’ll be the ones carrying the can.

How to manage your HR Leaders

  • Focus on best practice – you can allay their fears over things going wrong by demonstrating your survey follows employee engagement best practice. How to design an employee engagement survey

  • Have a communications plan for telling employees about the survey and reporting the results and get their input on it before you launch

  • Develop a robust training plan – set clear accountabilities for managers and leaders and make them aware of it