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An Experience Revolution: The Story of Baxi Heating and CoreXM

Baxi Heating didn’t always think about experience. It watched its sales numbers fluctuate without connecting these figures to the bigger picture. But now, Baxi is revolutionising what it does with experience management.

Since embedding Qualtrics, Baxi has been able to create better products, implement smarter pricing strategies, build a stronger brand, engage employees and win loyalty from customers.

To tell the story in more detail, we’ll be joined by Mike Eves, market researcher at Baxi.

Mike will explain how Baxi…

  • Uses data to improve customer experience

  • Implements frontline employee feedback

  • Optimises its product features, packaging and pricing (using tools such as correlation, cluster and sentiment analysis)

  • Monitors and builds its brands

We’ll also hear from Tim Farmer, one of our top strategists. He’ll be giving tips on how to create your own market research program from scratch.

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Picture of Mike Eves

Mike Eves

Market Research, Baxi Heating

Mike has been at Baxi Heating for over 11 years. During this time, Mike has been providing market intelligence, research and voice of the customer insights to enable sales, marketing and servicing teams to make informed commercial decisions, analysing the market need, size and competitor activity to discover what people want, need or believe and take action on it.

Picture of Tim Farmer

Tim Farmer

CoreXM Solution Strategy, Qualtrics

As part of our solution strategy team, Tim supports Qualtrics clients to get the very best out of the XM PlatformTM. With over 25 years experience in market research, Tim is enabling organisations across Europe to embrace agile insights solutions that deliver actionable and rapid benefits

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