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Designing a new era of innovation

Zig Serafin // Ryan Smith

Experience Design might not be a new discipline, but the pandemic made its value more clear than ever. Discover how companies under distress used Experience Design to thrive in 2020, and how you can use it to permanently cement the future of your organization.

  • tech
  • experience management


Tom Brady

Taking small actions to deliver big wins

Angela Duckworth

Throwing out the old-school way of educating

Katie Soo

The art + science of curating a community-first experience

Zig Serafin // Ryan Smith

Designing a new era of innovation

Ally Love

Outpacing the effects of isolation

Mary George Opperman // Angela Winfield

Creating a seismic shift in DEI

Jason Bradshaw

Turning dead ends into better connections with customers

Jonathan Nouri

Evolving a fresher shopping experience from end-to-end

Steve Wengrovitz

Taking the delivery industry beyond delivery

Sal Khan

Navigating the real-life challenges of virtual learning

Jay Choi // Rachel Barker

Future-proof your workplace

Brad Anderson

Making work, work for every employee

Liz Tassey // Sahil Sethi

Thriving during disruptive times

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