Learn from the world’s best
customer care leaders


Hear how the world’s most successful companies are personalizing the customer experience at scale, intelligently balancing digital and human touchpoints, and tooling the whole organization to be more agile in response to changing customer needs.


  • Explore the operating models helping brands like Vera Bradley, KFC, AARP, and many more to reduce their operating costs while improving customer care
  • Learn from the brightest minds in XM with thought leadership covering everything from how to maximize your contact center ROI to making the most out of new innovations in AI and automation to reduce your operating costs
  • Get hands-on with the latest contact center innovations rolling out on the XM Platform

30+ Curated Sessions, Including:

Raj Sivasubramanian
Voice of the Customer Program Manager

Hear how Airbnb hit ‘reset’ on its approach to customer experience, focusing not on the scores, but on the people behind them and empowering everyone to take action to improve their experiences from fixing broken processes to improving customer care.

Rob Swain
Global Chief Operations Officer

Find out how conversational analytics has opened the door to actionable insights by enabling KFC’s team to tune in to what people are saying, wherever they’re saying it, and then use it to improve everything from taste, to food service, and the delivery experience.

Brian Clancy
Head of Consumer Care Learning &
Performance Improvement

Discover how AARP has improved customer satisfaction and almost doubled conversion rate, all while reducing agent attrition by 40%. Hear how the team are using contact center analytics to improve service quality management through automation and agent coaching.

Susan Campbell
Director of Customer Experience

Learn how Vera Bradley broke down silos to bring omnichannel customer data together into one, holistic program, and then use it to improve their service on every channel, leading to increased customer satisfaction AND reduced costs.

Shorit Ghosh
XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Make sense of mountains of data collected in the contact center to deliver breakthrough results in every corner of the organization. We’ll show you how to make the most of every call, chat, text and email, and automatically share out real-time insights with every team and department to level up the experience for customers across the board.

Mary Willett
Director, CX Practice Management

Meet the contact center leaders at some of the world’s biggest brands, including Kansas City Blue Cross Blue Shield and American Family Insurance, as they’ll explore how they’re no longer thinking of customer care as a sunk cost, but a necessary investment in customer loyalty.

Kathryn Murphy
VP of Product

Customer data is one of your most powerful assets, but it’s often scattered across different systems. Hear how to better connect data to unlock new insights, better understand your customers, and deliver highly personalized experiences – at scale and in real-time.

Leonie Brown
Principal XM Advisor

It’s no secret that a more engaged frontline means a better customer experience, but most companies struggle to realize the true value of a combined approach. We’ll explain how to connect the dots, so you can keep your employees engaged and customers happy for maximum impact on the bottom line.

Ellen Loeshelle
Director, Product Management

Maximize the value of your contact center by giving your agents the tools and the time to do what they do best – look after your customers. Join us to find out how to use AI and automation to your advantage so your agents are able to deliver a personalized service experience every time.

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