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Learn from the innovators transforming the digital experience


Hear how some of the world’s biggest brands are optimizing their digital experiences to break down channel silos, and deliver digital customer service that drives their operating costs down, and improves customer loyalty.


  • Go behind the scenes of digital experience at some of the world’s most successful brands, including StockX, ServiceNow, LL Bean, and many more
  • Explore exclusive thought leadership from CX experts on everything from delivering personalization at scale to optimizing omnichannel customer journeys, and everything in between
  • Get hands-on with new innovations in digital experience on the XM Platform

30+ Curated Sessions, Including:

Raj Sivasubramanian
Voice of the Customer Program Manager

Hear innovative new approaches to customer research that have added more focus on the people behind the data and have driven actions to improve the Airbnb
customer experience.

Gerry Gaerlan
SVP, CX+EX Systems

In these trying times, all eyes are on digital leaders to acquire and nurture customers with experiences that resonate emotionally. During this session, Qualtrics’ digital experience experts will be joined by leaders from Dish and US Bank to explore how to drive business outcomes by delivering more human experiences at scale.

Jacob Fenton
VP, Customer Experience

Join leaders from StockX, Mercado Libre, and more to explore how to get the balance right between ‘frictionless’ and ‘personalized’ experiences in digital to walk the tightrope between experiences that are both simple AND human. Learn how StockX brings together omnichannel experience data into Experience iD to truly understand every customer’s journey and then deliver personalized experiences that go beyond a transaction to form strong relationships with its loyal fans.

Juliana Holterhaus
Senior XM Advisor, Qualtrics

In the rush to digitize everything and drive operational efficiency, many companies are creating digital experiences that don’t really resonate with or meet the expectations of those they serve. We’ll unveil our latest research to give you the lowdown on what your consumers want and how digital leaders are meeting the challenge.

Matt Lombardi
Vice President, Customer Experience

Emma Sopadjieva
Senior Director, Customer Experience Analytics

Hear how the team at ServiceNow earned renewed trust in their customer data, expanded their listening program, and recalibrated its approach to CX to enable closed-loop actions across teams – all while tracking the impact on customer retention and long-term growth.

Moira Dorsey
Principal XM Catalyst, XM Institute

Customer journeys are more complex than ever, but understanding and improving them doesn’t have to be. We’ll guide you through the essentials so you can create journeys that your customers actually want – not what you think they want – and keep them coming back for more.

Kathryn Murphy
VP of Product

Customer data is one of your most powerful assets, but it’s often scattered across different systems. Hear how to better connect data to unlock new insights, better understand your customers, and deliver highly personalized experiences – at scale and in real-time.

Bruce Temkin
Head of Qualtrics XM Institute

The only thing that seems certain about the future is that it’s full of uncertainty. To not only survive, but actually thrive in this environment, our research shows organizations need to build both agility and empathy. During this session, industry visionary Bruce Temkin will explain how you can tap into Experience Management to build this resilience and outpace your competitors during fast-changing times.

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