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Qualtrics' Employee Experience solutions make it easy to measure and decrease employee ramp time, drive exceptional employee experience from day one, and improve training and onboarding processes.

Onboarding Surveys. Simplified.

Onboarding surveys or new hire surveys, measure new employee experience and help leaders improve the onboarding and new hire process. The best onboarding programs:

  • Help employees adjust to their new role so they can quickly deliver valuable work and thrive in their new environment.
  • Automate or schedule feedback to collect information from new hires immediately after they pass particular orientation milestones.
  • Give employees the ability to not only rate their experience, but to shape future processes.
  • Tailor questions to mirror the organization’s unique onboarding and new hire processes, resulting in actionable data.

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Why do Onboarding surveys matter?

Because a new hire’s experience in the first few weeks with a company can greatly impact his or her impressions of the company, how long an employee remains with the company, and whether employees refer friends and top talent for employment, onboarding surveys are a vital step to achieving high engagement and a wide variety of other business outcomes.

Additionally, by gathering information from each new hire and tracking items such as satisfaction, manager feedback and the effectiveness of orientation processes, HR leaders and managers can maximize and optimize the investment they make in hiring and training new employees.

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