Qualtrics for Customer Experience

Bokka Customer Experience Solution for Home Builders

Proactively measure home buyer sentiment and identify key drivers of customer satisfaction at all major touchpoints in the customer journey. Increase referrals and reduce defects with an end-to-end solution built by industry experts.

Bokka BuilderCX

Ask the right questions at the right time to identify problems before they happen. By monitoring and optimizing the customer experience with Bokka’s BuilderCX, you’ll better understand customer behavior to deliver personalized, memorable experiences for your customers.

  • Collect feedback with pre-designed surveys developed by industry experts and validated by leading builders.
  • Role-and department-based dashboards quickly identify customer insights by stage of the journey, community, or product type.
  • Simplified KPI’s for ease of benchmarking. Key drivers help to prioritize actions and focus on those with the biggest impact.
  • Clear and concise dashboards provide the right information to the right people at the right time – so you can take action.
Bokka XM Solution

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Everything you need to get up and running


A complete customer listening program for home builders is pre-built and ready for implementation. BuilderCX surveys are designed by experts and proven to help you get the insights you need to improve the customer experience


Turn data into insights with dashboards and reports ready-built to help you share insights across the organization and start making CX improvements today


Optimize your CX program by incorporating BuilderCX into your Qualtrics platform, complete with custom logo and branding.

BuilderCX gives you insight into which stages of the customer journey are problematic, and which are performing well.

With BuilderCX, Bokka’s CX Solution for Home Builders, you get a clear view of which parts of your process bring joy and confidence to buyers, and which are at risk for intervention. Built specifically for the new home construction industry by experts at the Bokka Group, BuilderCX allows you to monitor and improve your customer experience at moments that matter most to buyers.

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