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View comprehensive workforce health and engagement data in real-time and automatically populate key employee data from your HRIS or ATS into a single dashboard view.

Employee Engagement. Simplified.

Simplify the unwieldy process of managing complex org charts, user permissions, and reporting. All it takes is a few clicks to deliver tailored and relevant experience to the right people in real-time.

  • Upload organization hierarchies and map relationships with just a few clicks
  • Automatic configuration of role-based access and report views for every participant and dashboard user
  • Easily slice and dice your data by drilling down and rolling-up throughout your organization
  • Allow unique access to HR leaders while still protecting employee confidentiality with built-in security settings

Results in minutes not months.

Now every people manager gets real-time and relevant engagement and experience results for their teams.

  • Identify at-risk employee populations with low engagement and attrition issues in a single glance
  • Analytics, individual reports, and dashboards presented in real-time — every dashboard reacts and loads relevant data as you click.
  • Managers can take action from within the dashboard, tagging owners on action items, tracking progress, and sharing results

The Only Full-Lifecycle Employee Experience and Engagement Platform

Qualtrics is the only platform powerful enough to measure and optimize engagement at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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