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Employee Experience Management empowers leaders and managers to easily collect, analyze, and act on employee feedback to build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition. Qualtrics is the first and only Employee Experience Management platform that tracks every key employee experience across the entire employee lifecycle, automatically prioritizing key drivers of engagement.

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Outcomes we deliver

  • Measure full-lifecycle employee insights from recruiting and onboarding to engagement and exit
  • Best-in-class analysis and reporting to drive better decisions with real-time insights
  • Enable every leader and manager with real-time, role-based, and actionable data from their teams
  • Automatically populate key employee data from your HRIS or ATS into a single dashboard view

See how it works

Qualtrics Employee Experience™ helps companies understand the employee journey, automatically prioritize key drivers of engagement and experience, and take action by making it drag-and-drop simple to:

Measure & Baseline

Measure and baseline stakeholder experiences you deliver across all touchpoints.

Prioritize & Predict

Predict and prioritize stakeholder needs and trends. Identify key experience drivers and make smarter decisions.

Act & Optimize

Track progress and drive continuous experience improvement.

Improving the Employee Experience for more than 8,500 brands

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From employee participation to leadership action—the results show. Our attrition model has improved by 10X.

Before this process, there was uncertainty around the state of talent. Now, we can provide reporting and results immediately.

We are providing a fantastic solution for our employees to develop their careers – easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

With Qualtrics, managers now know exactly which levers to pull in order to increase engagement among their teams.

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