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Employee exit interview surveys

Get to the root cause of attrition quickly with exit interview surveys that help you identify the right actions to take to retain your top performers and drive improvements across the employee lifecycle.

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The world’s best brands trust Qualtrics to power their employee experience programs

Retain your top performers with insights about employee attrition

Understand why your top performers leave and drive actions across the organization to reduce unwanted attrition. With real-time employee exit insights, you have the data you need to retain top talent and build a happier, more engaged workforce.

  • Improve your unwanted attrition rate and keep hold of your top performers
  • Identify the key drivers of attrition and see where to focus your improvements
  • Create real-time alerts for at-risk staff and step in to prevent them leaving
  • Use feedback from former employees to drive improvements across the organization and employee lifecycle
  • Monitor the impact of your improvements on everything from engagement to the impact on the bottom line
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Loved by analysts. Adored by customers.

EmployeeXM has been named by Forrester as a leader. And our customers are pretty happy too…

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The right data, always at your fingertips

Ready to go, straight out of the box

Get up and running quickly with a best-in-class employee exit program built on the Qualtrics XM platform. Want to customize it? No worries – with the intuitive survey and dashboard builder you can make changes in seconds, with no coding or IT support needed.

Automatically find the root cause of attrition

All your data populates your dashboard in real time, and powerful, automated analytics get to work to uncover the key drivers of attrition as well as the actions you need to take next. You’ll uncover experience gaps quicker, so you can step in early to address the root cause and retain your best people.

Insights with real impact

You don’t just see the problem — you get the solution too. The platform proactively recommends the next action to take, and gives you a suite of action planning tools so team leaders can monitor their improvements, and make changes to keep them on track.

Integrate with your HRIS system

Automate your exit feedback with integrations into your HRIS system. Just set your conditions or employee milestones and employees will automatically receive a request for feedback at the time that’s right for them. It means you can capture open, honest feedback with no additional resources, so your team can focus on turning exit feedback into improvements.

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