Employee Exit Surveys

Improve Employee Retention and Reduce Turnover.

By getting feedback from employees after they have decided to leave an organization, human resources and business leaders can gain insights to help retain talent, prevent bad hires, improve management practices and ultimately drive organizational performance.

Exit Surveys. Simplified.

Simplify the unwieldy process of managing complex org charts, user permissions, and reporting. All it takes is a few clicks to deliver tailored and relevant experiences to the right people in real-time.

  • Improve employee retention and reduce turnover.
  • Increase company objectivity by having employee exit interviews handled by a fair and non-partisan third-party.
  • Prevent bad hires by aligning on common traits and fostering a transparent environment.
  • Change the climate of the organization by changing management style, making changes that reflect employee opinions, and creating value recognition programs where needed.

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Results in minutes not months

When administering exit interviews, organizations should consider the following:


Administering employee exit interviews through a standard survey or online questionnaire can result in more candid feedback and more useful data.


Tying turnover data to employee engagement or performance data can help organizations easily identify unwanted and wanted attrition.


Tracking trends in employee exit interview responses over time allows you to measure improvements made and identify further preventative action.

Why run an exit survey?

While running an exit survey is a good way to get honest feedback from employees about their role, the real benefit and ROI of running an exit survey is ultimately to reduce unwanted employee attrition. A well-designed exit survey will allow you to understand the reasons people leave and allow you to identify changes that can be made to stop great employees from leaving. If you are able to tie your exit survey data to other points in the lifecycle or engagement survey data, it will allow you to identify where you can make the most impactful changes in the employee lifecycle to reduce potential turnover.

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