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Qualtrics Employee Experience makes it easy to pinpoint experience, engagement, and productivity drivers so you can act in real-time and drive changes in the places that matter most.

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"Before this process, there was uncertainty around the state of talent. Now, we can provide REPORTING and RESULTS immediately."
"From employee PARTICIPATION to LEADERSHIP action—the results show. Our attrition model has improved by 10X."
"With Qualtrics, managers now know exactly which levers to pull in order to INCREASE ENGAGEMENT among their teams."
"We are providing a fantastic SOLUTION for our employees to develop their careers – easily, quickly and COST-EFFECTIVELY."


To drive the outcomes that matter most to your organization you need real-time feedback at every stage of the employee lifecycle — from recruitment to exit.


Whether you’re measuring engagement, development, or any other experience, Qualtrics gives the right leaders and managers access to real-time results. With configurable, role-based dashboards and key driver analysis, analyzing employee data is drop dead simple.


We give you an intuitive survey builder, easy org hierarchy management, configurable dashboards, and HRIS integrations so you can easily customize your employee experience management program and make changes as often as you need.

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Employee Engagement

Give supervisors real-time access to the levers and hierarchical insights they need to improve employee engagement.

Pulse Surveys

Gain more frequent access to employee engagement, performance, and satisfaction levels to manage organizational change.

Multi-Rater Assessments

Enable entirely configurable 360, 180, and self-assessment evaluations to drive employee performance and development objectives.

Exit Surveys

Collect honest insights and uncover key drivers of unwanted attrition to help you develop and keep your best employees.

Onboarding Feedback

Capture actionable insights to address the elements of your onboarding process that need improvement.

Training and Assessment

Understand how to improve internal training and development programs based on real-time feedback.

Visualize the entire employee experience

Elevate your Employee Experience Program
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