Employee Pulse Surveys

Monitor and Respond to Employee Feedback in Real-Time

Qualtrics' Employee Experience solutions make it easy to gather more frequent data and track employee experience across the lifecycle.

Pulse Surveys. Simplified.

Simplify the unwieldy process of managing complex org charts, user permissions, and reporting. All it takes is a few clicks to deliver tailored and relevant experiences to the right people in real-time.

  • Get feedback on an important topic more frequently than once a year for more regular reporting.
  • Maintain an early warning system for important business metrics (e.g., a safety pulse or customer service pulse).
  • Measure the effectiveness of action plans implemented following a traditional engagement survey.
  • Understand the relationship between employee feedback and other important business outcomes.

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Results in minutes not months

As employers aim to gather more frequent feedback from their employees, pulse surveying has become extremely popular. Some common uses of pulse surveys are...


This type of pulse survey allows you to follow up on action items from your annual employee engagement survey and track progress over time

Employee Sentiment

Pulse surveys can be a great means for measuring employee sentiment (e.g. engagement or eNPS) more regularly than once a year

Specific Employee Feedback

Managers can take action from within the dashboard, tagging owners on action items, tracking progress, and sharing results.

Why pulse surveys matter

Pulse surveys are more agile than traditional methods of collecting employee feedback, allowing organizations to react more quickly to employee feedback. Another key reason for the emergence of pulse surveys is that they enable predictive analytics. In other words, they provide longitudinal tracking of employee insights to predict business outcomes that are also measured and tracked frequently(e.g., performance, customer experience, turnover, etc.).

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