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Employee pulse surveys make it easy to gather employee feedback more frequently and track engagement over time. Continuously improve the employee experience with real-time insights and automatic recommendations in the Qualtrics XM Platform.

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This type of pulse survey allows you to follow up on action items from your annual employee engagement survey and track progress over time.

Employee sentiment

Pulse surveys can be a great means for measuring employee sentiment (e.g. engagement) more regularly than once a year.

Specific employee feedback

Managers can take action from within the dashboard, tagging owners on action items, tracking progress, and sharing results.

Get fast, and frequent employee feedback with pulse survey software

Get closer to your employee engagement and track improvements over time with more frequent feedback from your employees. With Qualtrics employee pulse surveys, you can measure fluctuations in engagement and step in to improve the experience faster than ever.


  • Frequently, quickly, and easily measure employee experience and organizational health
  • Track progress on company-wide HR initiatives like inclusion and diversity or career development
  • Collect ongoing feedback from employees about specific projects or workstreams

Alert dashboard feedback

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The power of employee pulse surveys

  • Quickly and frequently gauge employee experience with ongoing employee feedback surveys
  • Track progress on key HR initiatives, such as DEI and career development

  • Receive ongoing feedback on high-priority workstreams
  • Real-time people analytics provide opportunities driven by predictive insights

  • Role-based dashboards offer automated insights for leaders and people managers
  • Create bottom-line impact with action-planning recommendations

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