The Ultimate 360° Assessment Platform

With Qualtrics 360, multi-rater feedback assessments and employee reviews are easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before.

  • Real time reporting to drive actionable results and business decisions
  • Flexible form development to easily create a powerful assessment
  • An intuitive interface to customize and make adjustments

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Intuitive interface

For quick and easy set up

With our point-and-click interface, it’s easy to make changes on the fly. You won’t have to worry about calling a vendor or IT to make a quick adjustment or to modify your forms or reports. Just point, click, and you’re where you want to be in seconds.

Flexible form development

Makes creating sophisticated assessments simple

Most organizations are complicated. Getting employee feedback doesn’t have to be. With Qualtrics 360, you can ask different questions to different groups all within the same form. Take advantage of our wide variety of question types, sophisticated display, and branching logic. Even our piped-text functionality will auto-populate fields so you don’t have to.


Our sophisticated question options include:

  • Randomization
  • Customized scale points
  • Flexible scoring
  • Forced response
  • 70+ question types
  • Translation into 50+ languages
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Real-time reports

Customizable reports to meet your needs

  • Real-time reporting dashboards
  • Year-over-year comparisons
  • Gap analysis tables
  • Development guides
  • Competency rankings
  • High-low tables
At the end of the day, the insights gained from Qualtrics data are moving the needle and changing the way we do business globally.
With Qualtrics 360, we are providing a fantastic solution for all our employees to develop their careers, and we can do it easily, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Let us help you build a better workforce.