State of Play:
Employee Experience in Malaysia

See how Malaysia stacks up when it comes to employee experience, and how different sectors and key demographics in the workforce compare when it comes to job satisfaction, engagement, attrition, stress and desire to go to work.


With unemployment at its lowest in 50 years, you can't afford to lose 28% of your workforce.

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28% of employees dissatisfied

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In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What’s driving employee experience for workers in Malaysia
  • Which sectors are doing best (and worst) when it comes to the employee experience
  • What to focus on to improve the experience for your employees

Based on our bi-annual research into the employee experience for over 6,000, State of Play shows how employers in Malaysia are doing when it comes to improving the employee experience. Working with Qualtrics Research Services, we asked people about their job satisfaction, desire to go to work and intent to leave as well as key driver such as how they rated their work-life balance.

The results show Malaysia sits below the global average on most of the key items we measured, showing there’s still room to improve for the country’s employers. The data shows how, when employers focus on the moments that matter most to their employees, it can have a dramatic effect on employee experience with plenty of variance between different cohorts despite the below average scores for the population as a whole.

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