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Mainstage Keynotes


Welcome to X4 Singapore

Mao Gen Foo, Head of Southeast Asia, welcomes the audience to X4 Singapore, and outlines the rapid growth of XM in APJ.

Mao Gen Foo|Head of Southeast Asia

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XM: The race to the top

Qualtrics APJ Managing Director Bill McMurray explains how XM is powering businesses across the world, and why brands that choose to compete on experience are finding themselves in a race to the top.

Bill McMurray|Managing Director APJ

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The role of employee experience in shaping GO-JEK's transformation and growth

GO-JEK explains how its culture centric approach in employee experience helped the company navigate the different stages of hypergrowth.

Monica Oudang|Chief Human Resource Officer

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The key ingredients for building your XM capabilities

Accelerate your XM journey and position your organisation to thrive in the future by discovering the key capabilities you need.

Aimee Lucas|Senior Principal Analyst, XM Institute

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CX Breakout

Fuji Xerox

Taking action on X-data

Fuji Xerox provides insight into how it uses Qualtrics CustomerXM to deliver a better customer experience, and shares tips and advice for others.

Christiane Joussemet|Head of Customer Excellence

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EX Breakout


The building blocks for a better EX

Ananda outlines its vision and strategy for better engaging its 1,300 strong workforce, learnings captured along the way, and how the business is driving change.

Vanee Bijayendrayodhin|Chief People Officer

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Creating meaningful EX at JAPFA

JAPFA gives advice for securing executive support for employee experience programs, and provides a rare insight into the company's strategy for improving employee engagement.

Priscilla Kosasih|Head of Employee Engagement

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Research Breakout


Safeguard your business and customer data

Discover how XM can ensure that the data you collect can be trusted to make important business decisions.

Milind Kopikare|Head of Product - Surveys

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