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Ryan Smith // CEO, Qualtrics

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Breaking Down CX Breakthroughs: The Future of Transformational Customer Experiences

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Your Workforce is Changing—Are you Ready For It?

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Research to Drive Product and Brand Experience Breakthroughs

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Peter Lovatt // Professor of Dance Psychology, University of Hertfordshire

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Jared Smith // Co-Founder, Qualtrics

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Bill McDermott // CEO, SAP

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Sukhinder Singh // President, Stubhub

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Adam Silver // Commisioner, NBA

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Dan Reynolds // Lead Singer, Imagine Dragons

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julie mitchell // Rowland Unified School District
brian huff // Rowland Unified School District

3 Ways to Combine X and O Data to Understand the Student Voice

See how Rowland Unified School District uses Qualtrics in innovative ways to identify trends, individualize learning, and act on student feedback. Learn how to combine operational data like test scores and attendance with student experience data like interests and classroom feedback to predict outcomes and enhance the student experience.

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Bill Erickson // Workforce Science Associates

40 Years of Employee Engagement Research – Proven Practices and Potential Pitfalls

Bill Erickson has played a key role in building and studying great companies for over 40 years. After fifteen years as Executive Vice President of the Gallup Organization he was a founder of Human Resource Innovations, later to become Kenexa. Before Kenexa was acquired by IBM it had quickly become the largest provider of employee research. Now a founding Partner at Workforce Science Associates, Bill shares best practices obtained throughout his career conducting research and helping his clients move the needle on employee engagement. Bill is a best-selling author and a recognized industry thought leader in the area of employee engagement.

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cailee welch bacon // A.T. Still University
kirsty gaither // A.T. Still University
brittany williams // A.T. Still University

9 Ways to Drive Campus-Wide Qualtrics Adoption

Learn how A.T. Still University drives adoption across multiple user groups and campuses by celebrating Qualtrics. Packed with practical tips, this session will give you the needed know how to replicate their success for your own campus.

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Dane Holmes // Goldman Sachs

Alert! The Power Has Shifted: The Changing Dynamic Between Employees and Employers

In today’s increasingly digital, transparent, disrupted and interconnected world, the relationship between employer and employee is changing and employees are empowered, informed and actualized. The “shift of power” from the employer to the employee is marked by macro trends shaping the way we access information, distribute it and influence it. As employers, we can either acknowledge this shift or risk losing the battle for talent. Join this session to hear Goldman Sachs’ view on what has driven this change and what it means for employers. Wake up! The tables have turned. Your employees now hold the power so now it is time to embrace it.

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Steve Walker // Walker

B2B CX Is Different - Your Strategy Should Be Too!

Customer experience initiatives in B2B companies are widely seen as trailing the progress being made by B2C organizations. Complicated purchasing rituals, long supply chains, account-level relationships and a number of other factors make B2B CX challenging and complex. CX icon Steve Walker will host an enlightening discussion with CX leaders from three prominent companies in three very different industries. He’ll break down the key challenges and provide practical advice, resources, and motivation to help CX leaders develop effective strategies for CX success.

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jesse purewal // Prophet

Backstory on a Breakthrough Brand: How T-Mobile’s Uncarrier Revolutionized the US Wireless Market

There are very few moments of truth when insights, brand, and business must come together to keep a company alive. Learn how T-Mobile partnered with Prophet to develop deep research and unlock uncommon insights to deliver a breakthrough brand experience that propelled T-Mobile to growth – and revolutionized the wireless industry in the US.

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eric soelberg // LL Bean
eric soelberg // LL Bean

Be an Outsider: How to Re-energize a Classic Brand

Is the future of your brand informed by its past? From product research, to in-store satisfaction, to campaign measurement, L. L. Bean walks through its data-informed and groundbreaking “Be an Outsider” campaign to reposition an adored brand, and get it ready for another 100 years.

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Alex Kelleher // Deloitte Consulting LLP
Angel Vaccaro // Deloitte Consulting LLP
Natalie Groff // Deloitte Consulting LLP

Beyond marketing: Experience reimagined

The new world of marketing is personalized, contextualized, and dynamic. Increasingly, this world is no longer orchestrated by creative agencies, but by chief marketing officers partnering with in-house technology organizations. Together, CMOs and CIOs are building an arsenal of experience-focused marketing tools powered by emerging technology to transform marketing from a hunch-driven exercise to one that is grounded in data. Join us to learn how experiential marketing, analytics and cognitive capabilities, and experience management tools can work together to bring us closer to truly unique engagement with customers.

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Kevin Neher // McKinsey & Company
Victoria Bough // McKinsey & Company

Beyond Satisfaction Scores: The Future of Customer Experience Metrics

REPEAT OF PRIOR SESSION // How can you use operational metrics, surveys, and predictive analytics to identify and address customer experience issues while they are happening? How can you get beyond a score to concrete actions and financial impact? Join Kevin Neher and Victoria Bough from McKinsey & Company in this interactive discussion of how to use technology to leapfrog to the next level in customer experience metrics.

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stephanie thum // Qualtrics
monica allen // Mecklenburg County
kevin carter // Defense Digital Service
Shonte Eldridge // Baltimore, Office of Mayor
ed bodensiek // Cravety

Beyond Satisfaction: How Feedback Helps Organizations Manage Risk

From social media firestorms to shoplifting, fraud, and attrition, many organizations consider customers and employees potential sources of business risk. But what happens when government organizations use employee and customer feedback to get ahead of those risks? And what impact can that have on mission achievement, operational excellence, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and retention?

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franck sarrazit // Qualtrics

Brand Tracking Made Easy: Make Better Decisions Faster with an Insourced Program and Insights

Brand Tracking isn't just about your brand's past, it's about your business' future. And software allows you to track more easily and accurately than ever before. Here's how new thinking in brand tracking predicts where you're headed next.

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Christine Winchester // Ugam
Elsa Yan // McKinsey & Company

Challenge Accepted! Design and Implement your Customer Experience Management System the Right Way

What are successful CXM programs doing right? How did they get there? Join Elsa Yan from McKinsey & Company and Christine Winchester from Ugam in this interactive discussion as they guide you by sharing stories in addressing common challenges across industries and best practices to avoid common pitfalls. Let’s take your CXM to the next level!

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greg dzurik // Yum! Brands/Collider

Creating Moments in Culture

Brands that truly create culture, not just reflect culture, have the edge. Greg Dzurik, VP of Marketing & Innovation at Collider/Yum! Brands will share why creating moments in culture matters for brands today, what it takes for brands to do it, and different routes brands can take to create cultural moments that stick.

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michael ramlet // Morning Consult

CSR and Political Activism in The Trump Era

Social media reaction is often seen as an accurate gauge of public opinion during a brand crisis. However, what people say on social media is not necessarily reflective of what the wider public actually thinks. The session explores how companies can use experience data and insights to protect their reputation in today's age.

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karalyn smith // Sephora

Culture + Engagement: How Sephora Leverages the Intrinsic Link to Drive Purpose and Inclusion

At Sephora, bringing your whole self to work is not just lip service—it drives company culture. In this session you’ll learn from how the leading beauty retailer inspires purpose, inclusion, and measurable results in the lives of their employees by linking employee engagement data with company culture. You’ll leave with tips and strategies for humanizing HR and driving measurable business impact.

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carey kolaja // Citi

Embedding Human Insights Into Experience Design

Customer-centric design is becoming the new normal and has driven statistically tremendous developments in UX and overall growth in unexpected industries. What happens when organizations apply that same methodology to enhancing the workplace and transforming employee experiences? Citi’s Carey Kolaja shows how Citi FinTech effectively revolutionized employee engagement through co-creation, testing and the productization of companies.

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alma aguilar // Banco Santander Mexico
jorge-arturo lara-quintero // CredibanCo S.A.

Enabling Agile CX in the Latin American financial industry

Organizations in emerging markets are transforming their organizational cultures with customer centricity, with practical examples of financial organizations from Colombia and Mexico. (Session will be conducted in Spanish)

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Jennifer Streitwieser // Korn Ferry
Mark Royal // Korn Ferry

Engaging Amid Disruption: Lessons from Fortune Magazine's World's Most Admired Companies

Today’s leaders are challenged to respond to disruptive shifts in how people work and what they care about in the workplace. The business environment is evolving rapidly, with increasing globalization and rapid technological change. And the workforce is increasingly diverse, mobile, and remote. We'll share how Fortune magazine's World's Most Admired Companies are preparing for the future of work, building digital readiness and organizational agility, and creating engaging and inclusive work experiences.

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steve bennetts // Qualtrics
brooke orr // Coca-Cola
kim barnes // Nuance
Geoff Ho // Rogers Communications

EX Customer Showcase: How Top Organizations Use Qualtrics to Power EX & People Analytics Programs

Join this "open house" session to get insights into how Coca-Cola, Rogers, and Nuance are building programs that attract talent, measure engagement, create exceptional employee experiences, and ultimately produce measurable business results like lower employee attrition, strong employer brands, etc. After a brief introduction to each organization’s program, we’ll host a Q&A.

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nir eyal // Hooked

Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products

Habit-forming products change user behavior and create unprompted engagement. Harnessing the power of habits is essential for your product and is great for your bottom line. Product guru, investor, and bestselling author Nir Eyal outlines the Hook Model to give you a practical framework to increase your odds of product success.

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dan spaulding // Zillow Group

How Data Drives Zillow Group's Culture: Improving Engagement, Inclusion, and Development Amid Growth

Culture is at the cornerstone of Zillow Group’s business and it’s one of the main drivers behind yet another year on Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work” list. But creating and evolving a strong, inclusive, and thriving culture isn’t easy in a high-growth company that competes for top tech talent. Learn how Zillow Group leadership depends on experience data to not only help build culture, attract talent, and drive engagement, and also how they empower managers to do the same within every team.

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Amelia Dunlop // Deloitte Consulting LLP

How Elevating Human Experience Fuels Business Growth

Do you ever lie awake at night and wonder what all of this disruptive technology and artificial intelligence is doing to our humanity? I can’t think of a company that isn’t trying to become more ‘customer obsessed’ or ‘employee friendly’. But we don’t wake up as customers or employees; we wake up as humans and all of our messy lives. Many of us are starting to distrust the very technologies that are omni-present in our homes, running our cities, and in the palm of our hands. In this talk, Amelia Dunlop, the leader of Deloitte Digital’s Customer Strategy and Applied Design business, will explore new research on the importance of connecting to human values to find new sources of growth at a time when many of us are increasingly demanding that we have not just our functional customer or employee needs met, but also our fundamental human need to feel seen, valued, and heard.

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keela robison // Expedia

How Expedia launched a game-changing product feature by building feedback into the development process

A couple years ago Expedia launched one feature that differentiated if from every other travel booking site: bundling. They thought it would be game-changing. They found the opposite. Customers we're still buying a-la-carte and missing out on enormous savings. The research team and product leaders turned to customer feedback to figure out how to fix the broken experience. Keela Robison, Expedia's Global VP of Product takes you through this case study and how breakthrough insights about the product and consumer helped Expedia turn this product feature into a profit center.

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stan sthanunathan // Unilever

How Technology is Creating a New Currency of Ideas

Is technology a friend or foe of your brand? Over 2.5 billion people use Unilever brands every day in part because Unilever has learned how to turn ideas into currency using new technology. Unilever’s EVP of Consumer and Marketing Insight shows you how leveraging technology accelerates adoption and builds legendary brands.

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KimArie Yowell // Quicken Loans
julie lodge-jarrett // Ford
ben granger // Qualtrics
russ laraway // Qualtrics

How the World’s Most Innovative Organizations are Rethinking Leadership Development

Employee development and learning drives retention, revenue and customer and employee loyalty—but with new technology and millennials changing jobs more frequently than ever, learning and development must evolve and change with the times. From retail to financial services, see how the best organizations are developing and investing in employees by democratizing feedback, accountability “scoring,” and tying feedback with learning.

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aimee lucas // Qualtrics XM Institute

How to Capitalize on the Evolution of Actionable Insights

You have data-driven insights, but how do you use them? The XM Institute has researched how high-performing organizations put their customer and employee insights to use. During this session, you’ll learn the path for maturity in building an action-oriented insights program and hear best practices you can put to use right away.

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charles wilson // New Balance

How to Collect and Use Durable Data to Stay Ahead of Global Product Trends

In the age of fast data and even faster fashion, the role of durable insights has never been more critical. In a highly competitive market, learn how New Balance is getting ahead of global footwear trends and building blockbuster products for multiple buyer segments.

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shaunda zilich // Qualtrics
jennifer carpenter // Delta
john meyer // Lemonly
kristen weirick // Abbvie

How to Connect Candidate, Employee, & Alumni Experiences to Build a World-Class Talent Brand

More than ever, recruiting and talent leaders are focused on creating experiences that drive world-class talent brands but it's past time to think about the attraction of talent as something that recruiting owns. Join this session and see how leaders use always-on feedback, leadership 360s, and weave EX data into program decisions to create world-class workforces that attract top talent, create brand ambassadors, and drive the organization's mission forward.

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joan king // Crate & Barrel

How to Fix Your Customer Journey: What I Learned from Buying My Own Sofa

Data silos are everywhere, but what are you doing to consolidate customer touchpoints and omnichannel experiences? Your product won't sell itself, and knowing how to leverage customer journey mapping and in-store and online research can help you maximize customer and product experiences, making the decision and purchase process both seamless and delightful. Learn how Crate&Barrel is engaging digital, product, and retail teams to deliver exceptional experiences.

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adam marrè // Qualtrics

How to Maximize Security in Experience Management

Security today falls not only to the professionals but to every data professional. Former FBI Cyber Special Agent Adam Marrè outlines how to guard against avoidable incidents, increase security awareness across the organization, and explores security feature value for researchers and experience managers.

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shawn wigg // Duval County Public Schools

How to Transform Qualitative Problems into Quantitative Solutions

Learn how Duval County Public Schools takes an innovative approach to increase math specialist effectiveness through a qualitative solution with amazing results. Find out how to apply this breakthrough-thinking to similar challenges in your district.

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matt breitfelder // Blackrock

How You Should Humanize Talent Analytics In a Technology-Centric World

Your people are more than just a number in your HRIS system—but how do you deliver personal experiences to every employee at scale? And how do you know those experiences, benefits, and leadership opportunities matter to the employee and drive impact for the business? Learn how Blackrock’s people analytics team “humanized” their talent strategy and drove exceptional employee experience through data and insights.

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diane dunne // ProMedica
leslie meyer // ProMedica

If You Build It, They Will Come: Integrating Qualtrics into Healthcare

As health care and its complexity evolve, optimizing the patient experience evolves as well. Attendees will learn strategies to customize surveys and data collection for unique patient populations using feedback from surveys to improve the health care experience through real time service recovery as well as address safety, quality and employee engagement and recognition. In addition, we will share how the flexibility of Qualtrics has allowed us to optimize processes and resources through data collection tools, ability to better navigate the world of mandatory reporting and development of purposeful rounding tools. Finally, with the use of Qualtrics, we have engaged our workforce and leaders in the survey process, analysis of data and accountability for results.

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jack madans // Judicial Branch of California
rick delappe // National Park Service
Jon Booth // Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Sam Bronson // Health and Human Services
Mike Sarasti // City of Miami

Keeping the Government Customer at the Center of Digital Services

People engage with government online more than any other channel. These digital touchpoints, across platforms (mobile, tablet, or desktop) and across industries are setting high expectations for government services. How do we provide simple, accessible, experiences online and ensure that the customers are at the center of digital services strategy?

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Mark Miller // J.D. Power

Latest Insight: The Changing Drivers of Customer Experience and Channel Success

In this session, J.D. Power shares data and insights that point to big changes in what customers want, and what it takes to meet those expectations across self-service and assisted channels. J.D. Power will share cross-industry data from over 1,000 companies, plus delve into what verified top performers are doing to drive higher satisfaction at lower total operating cost even as consumer preferences, your workforce, and your competitive environment changes. Attendees will walk away with specific strategies, tactics and benchmarks to help your organization succeed now and in the future.

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jeff kearl // Stance

Launching a Brand: Your First Decision Should Be Your Best Decision

Starting a new brand means distilling everything down to one simple question at the start: What is the nature of our business? Once you understand your nature, everything falls into place. This first decision will limit or boost your brand for years to come.

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luis angel-lalanne // American Express

Listen and Act: How AMEX Pairs Listening & Insights to Bring the Voice of the Customer to Life

To be truly customer-centric you need to empower people at all levels of your organization to listen to the customer and act on the insights. With an emphasis on customer listening from call center to the C-suite you’ll find new ways to learn from your customers. Find out how American Express employs a broad spectrum of approaches (from call listening to advanced modeling) to empower employees and uncover meaningful insights to create world-class Customer Experiences.

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dean carter // Patagonia

Living Values Wildly: Dispatches from Patagonia’s Counterintuitive and Unconventional Culture

While “Let My People Go Surfing” is the company’s infamous headline – there are deep philosophies behind the drivers of Patagonia’s uncommon culture that we can all connect to. Learn from an unconventional and counterintuitive employee experience that may wildly strengthen your own value-led culture – and maybe lead you to buy a surfboard.

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alicia phebus // Banner Health

Making HR Easier: How Technology Drives EX Strategy

How does technology paired with sound strategy make HR easier? Driving employee impact to the business and the patient through better measurement and action plans.

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amy lokey // Google

Making magic from the mundane: how Google uses experience design to re-imagine the G-Suite

Google’s products are designed to be smart and personal by leveraging Google’s vast investment in AI. Learn about the research, stories, and outcomes that have helped G-Suite evolve to become a massively personal and scalable product experience. Within G Suite, our goal is to elevate human accomplishment, so we focus on how we can use AI in a way that is both personal, and helps people accomplish their most important tasks more quickly and easily.

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craig kulfan // Qualtrics
Paul Long // UnitedHealth Group

Managing Research at Scale: How to Implement Enterprise Wide Governance

The average enterprise has thousands of employees collecting feedback using a variety of research tools often invisible to IT - leading to security risks, inefficient workflows and exposure to GDPR penalties. Join Qualtrics' head of platform security to learn how you can build governance around your organization's research footprint without compromising on security, data privacy or compliance. Learn best practices in user management, brand governance, admin controls, policy governance, and cost management. Learn how United Health Group was able to apply these best practices and standardize their experience management programs under one platform.

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Mike McLaughlin // GoDaddy

Measuring Growth: The Breakthrough Helping GoDaddy Increase Profitability by Closing Experience Gaps

When GoDaddy was founded, it was about serving a community of entrepreneurs to enable them to launch their business online and receive the same support experience as the biggest companies. Years later, they emerged as the world's largest cloud platform dedicated to small ventures under one premise: provide the best customer and product experience. Period. Part of that radical evolution was closing key experience gaps, including brining essential product and customer experiences under Mike McLaughlin and tying business results to experiences.

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virginia moench // Winston-Salem State U.

Optimizing the Student Experience through Course Evaluations

Understanding course evaluations is an important element of understanding the student experience. See how Winston-Salem State has fine-tuned its program to give students a voice for each course – from always-on feedback to traditional evaluations for self-paced and time-limited classes. Learn how to apply these methods for your own organization.

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bob colleran // Alithi Consulting

Postsecondary Transformation: Supporting First-Gen, Low-Income, and Minority Students

The US system of higher education has historically struggled to effectively serve low-income, minority, and first-generation students well, resulting in a widening education gap and overall weakening of US competitive resources. See how a network of partners including JFF, AASCU, and Alithi Consulting have developed powerful tools to drive successful transformation in this space.

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JD schramm // Stanford University

Seven Secrets of Storytelling Success with Data

REPEAT OF PRIOR SESSION IN SAME ROOM // Analyzing your data is simply the first step. How then do you communicate that to the people who can act on this information? Stanford's JD Schramm will provide participants a simple 7-step method for effective storytelling. Learn best practices for speaking, writing, and illustrating your data so you can create change inside your organization.

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luke williams // Qualtrics

Simple Changes to Create the Future of Contact Centers

The contact center is often the low point of a customer’s experience with a brand. But if they're calling, then the stakes are high. With the right approach and tools, you can turn their pain into an opportunity for a lasting positive experience and improved loyalty. In this session, you’ll learn how to meet your customer's needs and delight them in the process.

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taylor warren // Novant Health
matthias krebs // Novant Health

Small Team, Big Insights via a Health System Brand Tracker

Brand perception has many layers in healthcare. Understanding what consumers know, think, and believe about their healthcare providers is critical in today’s environment. Novant Health will discuss their journey in the last two years to move from a syndicated brand tracker to a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective in-house program. They will highlight metrics that matter, getting executive buy-in, and how to shape advertising strategy in a way that resonates.

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ashmeed ali // Buzzfeed

Spot Tasty Trends in Your Data: How Buzzfeed Turns Insights to Profitable Investments

It's not just lists and quizzes anymore. Experience data is essential to help Buzzfeed accurately spot trends to launch revolutionary new brands and content, from food lines like Tasty to beauty lines to DIY. In the world of instant brands, data tastes good.

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Marne Gade // Mayo Clinic

Standardizing Enterprise Research

The Mayo Clinic will be presenting on standardizing research across the enterprise. The Mayo Clinic will be sharing their journey and best practices in establishing one central data collection platform.

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Derek White // BBVA

Taking on Big Tech - the battle for customer experience

With the financial services sector seeing it's revenue streams increasingly encroached on by technologies companies - eager to get their hands on the high value financial data customers generate - one Digital Leader, Derek White, is on the offensive. For White, of BBVA, the battle is about bringing smarter interactions to their customers, ensuring the customer's (yes, the customer's) data is put to best use for them, and for banks becoming a trusted partner in people's lives, supporting their decision making and ultimately enabling them to put their financial lives into cruise control. Hear from him how its done.

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kristin pedersen // Iowa City Schools
elizabeth kampf // Qualtrics
Chace Ramey // Iowa City Community School District

The $6 million decision: Turning an imminent loss into a long-term win.

Learn how the Iowa City Community School District faced down a $6 million budget shortfall and navigated a potential employee layoff situation by using an innovative approach to employee engagement.

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Matt Dixon // Tethr

The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty

The idea that companies must delight customers by exceeding service expectations is so entrenched that managers rarely even question it. Yet the careful research conducted by Matt Dixon and his team over nearly a decade proves that the “dazzle factor” is wildly overrated—it simply doesn’t predict repeat sales, share of wallet, or positive word-of-mouth. The reality: Loyalty is driven by how well a company delivers on its basic promises and solves day-to-day problems, not on how spectacular its service experience might be. Most customers don’t want to be “wowed”; they want an effortless experience. And they are far more likely to punish you for bad service than to reward you for good service. In this presentation, Dixon provides an overview of the research--including the four key pillars of a low-effort customer experience and how to apply the Customer Effort Score--and shares how he and his research team at Tethr are expanding on the original concepts, leveraging the latest AI and machine learning approaches to study hundreds of millions of customer interactions.

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chelsie bright // Qualtrics
nick sinai // United States
matt broffman // City of Orlando
Marcy Jacobs // Department of Veterans Affairs, Digital Service

The Future of Experience Management in Government

For the first time in history, technology makes it possible for governments to engage people in real-time, across demographics, in the moments that matter most. How do we build a future where feedback from government customers and employees is used to create experiences that work for everyone? From shared services to digital engagement to human centered design, what is government doing well now, and what is the future of experience management in government?

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richard ottley // Qualtrics
mick swenson // Qualtrics

The Future of Student Experience in Higher Education

Every year, higher education institutions lose $17 billion as a result of poor campus experience. Learn about best-practice methodology and technology to design a best-in-class Student Experience program and how to embed it within your organization.

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bruce temkin // Qualtrics

The Path to Mastering XM Across Your Enterprise

The XM Institute surveyed hundreds of executives to understand their XM efforts and aspirations.. During this session, you’ll hear results from the study, “The State of XM,” which will help you chart your path to becoming an XM leader. The session will cover the ROI, maturity levels, and insights about what separates XM leaders from their peers.

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ken kocienda // Apple

The Product Experience That Changed the World: An Insider's Story of Building the iPhone

During some of the most transformative years at Apple, Ken Kocienda was demo-ing top-secret products to Steve Jobs and penning his name with only 23 others - including Steve Jobs - on the original iPhone patent, a product that has revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and play. Learn how Ken and the Apple team built the iPhone from the ground-up at the direction of Steve Jobs' creative genius, and created one of the most renowned product experiences of our time.

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angela roseboro // Dropbox

The Purpose-Driven Diversity Strategy: A Tool Kit for the New Era

Studies show that diverse and inclusive workplaces drive better business outcomes for organizations—but many organizations are just starting to drive necessary changes that create safe and inclusive spaces. Come see how Dropbox is pioneering programs and strategies that create a culture of inclusion and empower underrepresented employee populations to thrive. You'll leave with practical guidance for eliminating bias, leveraging employee feedback, and creating a safe and thriving workplace for a diverse employee base.

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rachel richter // Dun & Bradstreet

The Why Behind the What: Using Analytics to Improve Customer Retention

Retaining a customer is less expensive and often leads to higher lifetime value than acquiring new ones, but it’s easier said than done. Many B2B companies lean heavily on financial data and firmographics to study retention patterns – profiling patterns across industries and company sizes. In this session, you’ll learn how to augment your approach with experience data and other operational data to not only understand the key drivers of attrition but identify actions to take before it’s too late, so you can retain your most valuable customers.

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peter gilks // Spotify
kristie savage // Spotify
colette kolenda // Spotify

Uncovering User Truth: Fusing Data Science and User Research at Spotify

Spotify’s product insights team combines user research and data science to gain rich insights that fuel product decisions. This talk uses a case study of combining a qualitative diary study (administered through Qualtrics) and a behavioral data dashboard. This mixed methods approach drives a holistic understanding of both when and, more importantly, why people engaged with a new ads feature.

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Maria Voronina // Chobani

What it Takes to Deliver Truly Exceptional Brand and Product Experiences

Chobani has had a meteoric rise to Australia's #1 yogurt brand and the #2 brand in the United States. Learn how the Chobani team built a brand from the ground up and overcame fierce competition to give consumers award-winning flavors - and containers.

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lenke taylor // Buzzfeed
max brawer // Buzzfeed

What Would Buzzfeed Do? How Our Team Cultivates an Authentic Employee Experience (& So Can You)

So you have an employee feedback program—but do the employee insights actually drive action and impact? Join Buzzfeed’s HR leadership and analytics duo to learn how this fast-growing digital powerhouse uses the employee survey as a foundation for innovative people practices that drive impact. See how Buzzfeed combines novel collection techniques, data analytics, and a human touch to drive better employee experience and increased employee connectivity in the workplace.

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Jeanne Bliss // CustomerBliss

Would You Do That to Your Mother? 5 Steps to Accelerate CX and Earn Admirable Growth

Jeanne Bliss, an international architect of the customer experience movement, pushes us out of the mechanics of experience to what must exist to truly change a company to earn admirable growth. This is creating an insistence on what our behavioral model must be, and what we won’t tolerate it to be. It is choosing our non-negotiables about how we will and will not grow. It is how intent and motivation for helping customers and employees achieve their goals must translate to how we operate, guide people and elevate them to bring the best version of themselves to work. In this session, Bliss provides a template for reviewing our lives as customers and our customers lives – offering 4 dimensions where we must behave admirably in our actions, with our people, and in how we choose to run our business. Her 5th is a new simple quiz to use throughout your organization that will clear the path for action, and simplify what we must and must not do – to guide our leaders our organizations to earn admirable growth.

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