New to Qualtrics? Below are some resources to help you hit the ground running. If your license includes live training sessions, we recommend reviewing these videos first, so you can spend your live training time discussing your specific projects rather than reviewing the basics.

Basic Building

Time: 21 Minutes

In this training, you’ll learn how to put together your first survey in the Research Suite. You’ll learn how to add and edit questions, and how to add basic logic to your questions to increase survey usability. Watch Now.

Advanced Building

Time: 25 Minutes

Learn how to customize the participant’s experience with features such as randomization, piping, and advanced logic. Watch Now.

Anonymous Distribution

Time: 10 Minutes

Learn about the options for anonymous survey distribution, including posting a survey link to your website and sending the survey using a third-party email platform. Watch Now.

Identifying Distribution

Time: 12 Minutes

Learn about distribution options that track participants, including using the Qualtrics Mailer, and creating an Authenticator login page for your survey. Watch Now.


Time: 22 Minutes

Learn how to view and analyze the results of your survey. Watch Now.