Q Insights

Announcing the Qualtrics $10K SurveyMod Competition

December 15, 2014

So what can you build on Qualtrics? We’re launching the Qualtrics $10K SurveyMod Competition to find out. The first 500 applicants will receive a free Qualtrics hoodie, and the top three SurveyMod creators will split $10,000 in cash. All university students and faculty are invited to apply. Deadline to enter is January 31, 2015.

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Introducing Qualtrics Branded Themes

December 11, 2014

It’s extremely important that your business stands out. From email signatures and letterheads to product packaging and store signage, it’s essential to present a consistent and unique brand identity. It’s what sets your organization apart. It’s time that your surveys reflect your corporate identity!

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The Death of Voting Booths. America is Changing the Way We Vote.

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December 05, 2014

The 2000 election debacle in Florida – with confusing butterfly ballots, dangling chads, and contested recounts – motivated the United States to make major strides in modernizing voter registration lists and voting equipment. While those were important steps forward, the focus today has shifted from updating voting equipment to changing the way we vote. Using Qualtrics, we ran a study in Utah to understand voting preferences. Read on to learn more!

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