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What's the deal with the $4.99 rotisserie chicken?

You can buy almost anything at Costco: caskets, medicine, TVs, even weird jumbo-sized ketchup — but at the back of the store is one of its most prized and coveted items… The Kirkland Signature ...

By Qualtrics

Future of the metaverse: Advertising insights from marketers and consumers

While some marketing pros and consumers are unsure of the metaverse, 59% of marketers who are currently advertising on the metaverse say it is their most successful channel It may seem like a conce...

By Qualtrics

Your guide to developing a digital brand strategy

Have you ever wanted a guide that can carry you through the entire branding process? A guide that not only defines your brand but also helps you steer the ship as you navigate brand identity, offer...

By Shane Barker

8 Data-Backed Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

In 2020, the email marketing industry was worth $7.5 billion — a figure that’s set to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027. There’s a good reason for that. Brands value email marketing becaus...

By Ioana Wilkinson

9 things you need to know about the Gen Z consumer

Gen Z adults, ages 18 to 25, are an emerging consumer force, setting trends that influence the purchasing habits of older shoppers. These youngest of buyers don’t think the same way as their parents...

By Qualtrics

Top branding trends for 2022

2022’s branding trends will shape how your particular brand is perceived by the wider world. Nail your brand strategy with Qualtrics’ latest tips for branding in 2022. In 2022, brands are going...

By Qualtrics

How brand experience is helping this New Zealand company become the latest market disruptor

New Zealand’s picturesque Hawke’s Bay is home to one of the world’s newest disruptor companies, Rockit™ Apple. This small but mighty company, which exports apples to 30 countries across the...

By Lisa Khatri

Introducing Brand Impact Simulator

Redefine how consumers see your brand In the digital-first world of today, consumers have more purchasing options than ever. From ordering groceries to booking flights, there’s now a plethora of wa...

By Qualtrics

How Asana keeps pace in a quickly changing market, with Brand Experience Management

Asana’s market position in a newly created category requires a greater focus on brand experience. As Market Research Program Lead, Debra Bunyan has spearheaded efforts to gain insights from external...

By Qualtrics

How leaders can reap the benefits of creating a strong brand

After surveying hundreds of global business leaders, a Qualtrics-commissioned study from experienced research firm Forrester Consulting has revealed in-depth benefits of business branding. Taking i...

By Franck Sarrazit

Business surveys - 16 free questionnaire templates you can download

Surveys can help with a whole range of business questions and challenges, from designing a new product to checking on employee engagement. Here’s a run-down of the power of the survey and which kind...

By Sarah Fisher

Salt & Straw CEO Kim Malek: ‘Community is the power behind our flavors and our philosophy'

As part of our Breakthrough Builders podcast series, our VP of Tech Jesse Purewal chats with Kim Malek, CEO and Co-Founder of Salt & Straw on how she had the courage to sink her life savings into ...

By James Wadsworth

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