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Forrester Study: Economic Impact of Qualtrics CustomerXM

Experience management from Qualtrics isn’t just a good strategic decision. It’s an excellent financial decision. In a Qualtrics-commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study (TEI), Forrester Consulting estimates the 3-year benefit of Qualtrics experience management software at $38.4 million – which is an ROI of 633%. As we move further into an economy driven by experience, companies […]

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Breakthrough Artist Award: Seeking the world’s best experience breakthroughs

Breakthrough moments. They don’t happen often, but when they do they rocket whoever is involved to the top. At Qualtrics we’re in the business of breakthroughs. Across the world we are relentless in our efforts to help brands deliver unforgettable experiences their customers and employees will never forget. The best organizations instrument their businesses with […]

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5 brands taking a fresh approach to the holiday season

Holiday customer experiences needn’t be a frantic blur of crowds and tinsel. From masterful to madcap, here are 5 brands doing innovative things with their seasonal CX. 1. Target: helping customers avoid the store altogether For some customers, spending as little time and effort in store during the holiday rush is the ultimate goal. And […]

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X4 2020: Your Salt Lake City hotel guide

Booked your spot at X4 2020? Then it’s time to book your hotel. To make it easy for you, we’ve negotiated special conference rates with some of the best hotels nearby – we’re talking no more than a 15-minute walk, with the closest just across the street from the event venue. When you register, we’ll […]

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Why technology is your brand building secret weapon

If the winner of the 2016 Olympic men’s marathon raced the winner of the 1904 marathon, he would have won by nearly 90 minutes. That means that 2016’s winner could have run nearly two marathons in the time it took the 1904 winner to run one. Today’s runners are uncatchable speed machines compared to previous […]

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The 5 rules of launching a new brand

At first glance, launching a new brand can feel like starting a new painting. The blank canvas represents an infinite number of possibilities, an endless array of choices. Your painting can become a landscape, a portrait, a doodle, or an abstract explosion of colors. But look a little deeper and launching a new brand the […]

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