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How Asana keeps pace in a quickly changing market, with Brand Experience Management

Asana’s market position in a newly created category requires a greater focus on brand experience. As Market Research Program Lead, Debra Bunyan has spearheaded efforts to gain insights from external...

By Qualtrics

How leaders can reap the benefits of creating a strong brand

After surveying hundreds of global business leaders, a Qualtrics-commissioned study from experienced research firm Forrester Consulting has revealed in-depth benefits of business branding. Taking i...

By Franck Sarrazit

Business surveys - 16 free questionnaire templates you can download

Surveys can help with a whole range of business questions and challenges, from designing a new product to checking on employee engagement. Here’s a run-down of the power of the survey and which kind...

By Sarah Fisher

Salt & Straw CEO Kim Malek: ‘Community is the power behind our flavors and our philosophy'

As part of our Breakthrough Builders podcast series, our VP of Tech Jesse Purewal chats with Kim Malek, CEO and Co-Founder of Salt & Straw on how she had the courage to sink her life savings into ...

By James Wadsworth

Understanding human behavior: The softer side of experience management

Discover why universal human behavior traits are key to a successful XM activation. Experience management (XM) is becoming increasingly vital to organizations’ long-term business success. Underst...

By Isabelle Zdatny

Experience management 101: The what, why, and how of XM

As the ever-increasing flow of information shifts power from organizations into the hands of individuals, businesses must reassess how they operate. They must continuously learn what customers, employ...

By Bruce Temkin

7 proven ways to measure brand equity

Get started today with our simple guide to measuring brand equity What is brand equity and why does it matter? It’s well-known that customers will tend to buy a product they recognize and trust. T...

By Meena Toor

Brand health: How to heal a sick brand

Having a strong brand in good health will keep you one step ahead of the competition. What is brand health, how can you measure it and what can you do if your brand looks a little poorly? What is bra...

By Aleksandra Polovina

25 brand experience (BX) thought leaders to follow on Twitter

The best brands don’t just sell a product or service, they connect with their audience and create experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Brand experience (BX) is what drives target cu...

By Diana Kaemingk

10 brand and marketing books to read this year

Over the last 50 years, branding has evolved from the ability to differentiate products, to giving companies personalities, to making emotional connections with consumers. Today, companies spend copio...

By Diana Kaemingk

Being bold to be relevant

Jim Stengel, Author and former CMO of P&G, was joined by Andrea Zahumensky, CMO of KFC US, to discuss the role of boldness and bravery in decision making, and tips on how to stand out from the com...

By Harry Gough

Market research vs. marketing research — What's the difference?

Have you ever wondered whether there's a difference between market research and marketing research? Although these two terms are often used interchangeably, they have some qualities that differentiate...

By Qualtrics

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