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A lesson in growing brand trust during the COVID-19 crisis

Keeping your existing customers engaged - let alone reaching new ones - is one of the biggest challenges facing many brands in today’s uncertain times. Traditional engagement channels are limited, o...

By Ross Lambert

5 Common errors in the research process

Designing a research project takes time, skill and knowledge. If you don’t go into the process with a clear goal and methods, you’ll likely come out with skewed data or an inaccurate picture of wh...

By Qualtrics

Sample Size Calculator

How many people do you need to interview to get results representative of the target population with the level of confidence that you are willing to accept? Download our step-by-step guide to make ...

By Qualtrics

A look at the new world of marketing with Seth Godin

What does modern marketing look like? There are few people - if any - in the world better placed to answer this question than Seth Godin. As the author of 19 best-sellers - including This is Market...

By Ross Lambert

COVID-19: Why now is the time to keep tracking your brand

With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continuing to cause profound shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviors, many organizations will find themselves looking to reduce marketing and research costs...

By Franck Sarrazit

Mental health and market research: Creating more empathetic brand experiences

Mental health affects every aspect of our lives and how we behave, whether it’s as employees, consumers, parents, or community members. Find out how to measure mental health and factor it into your ...

By Elizabeth Dean

How your brand can build & keep trust amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a new reality for brands and everyone is feeling the impact. In mid-March, as the crisis began spreading in the U.S., just over 70% of U.S. consumers indicated tha...

By Qualtrics

The ultimate guide to launching a successful pop-up

Pop-ups have taken the retail and restaurant industry by force, and with good reason: pop-ups offer something for everyone. Pop-ups allow businesses to create new one-off experiences to help build the...

By Levi Olmstead

The future of brand experience: 10 predictions for 2020

We picked the collective mind of the resident brand experience (BX) experts at Qualtrics to find out the main trends and issues marketers and brand managers need to be aware of in 2020. From the death...

By Ross Lambert

Disruptive innovation: 4 times brands disrupted their own business models

Disruption is a big buzzword, especially in the world of tech. But what does it truly mean to be disruptive, and what’s the key to doing it well? We found that some of the best insights come from br...

By Ross Lambert

Forrester Study: Economic Impact of Qualtrics CustomerXM

Experience management from Qualtrics isn’t just a good strategic decision. It’s an excellent financial decision. In a Qualtrics-commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study (TEI), Forrester Consult...

By Catherine Thurtle

Breakthrough Artist Award: Seeking the world’s best experience breakthroughs

Breakthrough moments. They don’t happen often, but when they do they rocket whoever is involved to the top. At Qualtrics we’re in the business of breakthroughs. Across the world we are relentle...

By Qualtrics

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