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Five Keys to Optimize Your Brand Tracker

As a company that pioneered a technology to make survey research easier and more efficient, we’ve done our fair share of brand trackers. Qualtrics has created, executed, and managed hundreds of brand trackers of varying complexity. Some were global B2B trackers with minimum quotas on usage of a specific type of product and some as […]

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Six Things to Consider Before Writing Your Survey

The end goal of any survey is getting data that’s accurate and useful. While you might be tempted to start writing your survey right away, if the research foundation is not laid out well, you might not get the data you want for the insights you need. Here are six things you can do to […]

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5 Reasons to Implement Company Surveys

Think back to the last interaction you had with a company. Was there something about the experience you wish would have been different? If so, you’re not alone. Customers have lofty expectations about the experiences that companies provide. Companies that thoroughly understand customers’ expectations are in a better position to build winning customer, product, and […]

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3 Highlights from the Research Summit at X4

X4 was an incredible moment this year. It is always amazing to see thousands of insight seekers and experience managers get together, and the event didn’t disappoint. But this year X4 was also a pivotal moment for research at Qualtrics, because — simply, beautifully — three amazing things came together. #1 Time to Insight Needs […]

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AI for Research and Brands: The Promise and the Responsibility

As useful as they are today, AI-enabled digital assistants are poised to bring even more advancements and convenience. Digital assistants will offer even easier access to vast knowledge than with the Internet alone. They will free up our time by handling tasks like scheduling, shopping, and communicating. They will help consumers provide feedback about their […]

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Introducing the Qualtrics Community Platform

For years, our passionate customer base has been asking for a place to connect and share ideas with each other and we heard that feedback loud and clear. Today, we’re excited to announce Qualtrics Community – a brand new, peer-driven forum that brings together users of the Qualtrics XM platform to collaborate on projects, swap […]

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