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Which brands have the most loyal customers?

Many companies will do anything they can to get insights into what compels customers to make their purchasing decisions. From analyzing customer behavior and market research to website analytics, learning about customers can provide valuable information to increase sales. Brand loyalty is also a very important aspect of successful marketing. Positive experiences with a brand can lead to continued patronage, so many companies focus on fostering positive feelings and interactions between them and their customers.

The team at Qualtrics looked at brand loyalty data to visualize how customer perception of top brands has changed through the years. See which companies consistently rank highly!

Which brands have the most loyal customers - infographic

Brands with the most loyal customers

In 2023, the company that ranked first in brand loyalty was Apple. Apple has been in the top spot since 2022, overtaking Amazon, which had held that position for several years. The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. It is currently the ninth-biggest company in the world by revenue. Apple has more than 28% of the mobile phone market share, and studies have shown that many current iPhone users plan on purchasing another iPhone in the future.

Amazon is second on the list after ranking first for many years. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and is the fourth-biggest company in the world ranked by revenue. Largely due to its Amazon Prime service, Amazon has an incredible amount of brand loyalty from customers. Benefits of the service, like free two-day shipping, video streaming, and Prime Day sales, keep customers coming back to Amazon day after day.

The third company on the list is Domino’s. The popular pizza company has been in business since 1960 and is the biggest pizza chain in the United States ranked by revenue. Domino’s has put considerable work into their customer loyalty program to show appreciation for their devoted patrons.

How is brand loyalty ranked?

A lot goes into how customer brand loyalty is rated. Many studies have shown that customer loyalty is more emotional than rational, and customers’ expectations of companies rise every year. Emotional brand engagement is ultimately what keeps customers loyal, bringing them back time and time again.

The companies with the most brand loyalty

The following are the companies with the most loyal customers through the years:


Rank Brand Category
1 Amazon Online Retail
2 Google Search Engines
3 Samsung Smartphones
4 Amazon Tablets
5 Apple Tablets
6 Netflix Video Streaming
7 Amazon Video Streaming
8 Apple Smartphones
9 Trader Joe’s Natural Foods
10 Hyundai Automotive
11 Twitter Social Networking
12 WhatsApp Instant Messaging
13 Chick-fil-A Fast Casual Restaurants
14 Dunkin' Coffee
15 Domino's Pizza
16 Ford Automotive
17 Nike Athletic Footwear
18 Discover Credit Cards
19 Avis Car Rental
20 Toyota Automotive
21 PayPal Online Payments
22 Instagram Social Networking
23 iTunes Video Streaming
24 Facebook Social Networking
25 Apple Computers


Rank Brand Category
1 Amazon Online Retail
2 Netflix Video Streaming
3 Amazon Video Streaming
4 Apple Smartphones
5 Domino's Pizza
6 Google Search Engines
7 Disney+ Streaming Video
8 Home Depot Retail Home Improvement
9 WhatsApp Instant Messaging
10 Samsung Smartphones
11 Instagram Social Networking
12 Nike Athletic Footwear
13 PayPal Online Payments
14 Amazon Tablets
15 Apple Tablets
16 Discover Credit Cards
17 YouTube Social Networking
18 Hyundai Automotive
19 Hulu Video Streaming
20 Trader Joe’s Natural Foods
21 UPS Delivery
22 eBay Online Retail
23 Whole Foods Natural Foods
24 Zappos Online Retail
25 FedEx Delivery


Rank Brand Category
1 Amazon Online Retail
2 Apple Smartphones
3 Netflix Video Streaming
4 Domino's Pizza
5 Amazon Video Streaming
6 Disney+ Streaming Video
7 Google Search Engines
8 WhatsApp Instant Messaging
9 Instagram Social Networking
10 Nike Athletic Footwear
11 Home Depot Retail Home Improvement
12 Discover Credit Cards
13 PayPal Online Payments
14 Samsung Smartphones
15 Apple Tablets
16 YouTube Social Networking
17 Hyundai Automotive
18 Hulu Video Streaming
19 UPS Delivery Services
20 Trader Joe’s Natural Foods
21 TikTok Social Networking
22 Dunkin' Coffee
23 Amazon Tablets
24 FedEx Delivery Services
25 Purell Hand Cleaners


Rank Brand Category
1 Apple Smartphones
2 Amazon Online Retail
3 Domino's Pizza
4 Disney+ Streaming Video
5 TikTok Social Networking
6 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
7 WhatsApp Instant Messaging
8 Netflix Video Streaming
9 Google Search Engines
10 Amazon Video Streaming
11 Nike Athletic Footwear
12 MSNBC Cable News
13 Discover Credit Cards
14 Apple TV Streaming Video
15 Instagram Social Networking
16 Home Depot Retail Home Improvement
17 Samsung Smartphones
18 Dunkin' Coffee
19 Hyundai Automotive
20 Apple Tablets
21 YouTube Social Networking
22 PayPal Online Payments
23 Hulu Video Streaming
24 UPS Delivery Services
25 Toyota Automotive


Rank Brand Category
1 Apple Smartphones
2 Amazon Online Retail
3 Domino's Pizza
4 Netflix Video Streaming
5 TikTok Social Networking
6 Nike Athletic Footwear
7 WhatsApp Instant Messaging
8 Samsung Smartphones
9 Amazon Video Streaming
10 Apple TV Streaming Video
11 YouTube Social Networking
12 Discover Credit Cards
13 Disney+ Streaming Video
14 Dunkin' Coffee
15 Hyundai Automotive
16 MSNBC Cable News
17 Google Search Engines
18 Home Depot Retail Home Improvement
19 Apple Tablets
20 Trader Joe’s Natural Foods
21 Hulu Video Streaming
22 Toyota Automotive
23 UPS Delivery Services
24 PayPal Online Payments
25 Fox TV News

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