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Advanced Research Made Easy - Conjoint Analysis

What is conjoint analysis and how can you use it to enhance the value of the products and services you provide to customers? Read on to learn more about how conjoint analysis works, why you should use...

By Craig Lutz

How to Do Market Research on Amazon: Seller Case Study

 We talked to experienced seller Travis Fleming who’s been on Amazon since 2014. Travis lives in Canada and currently makes a living copywriting. Travis always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Ever s...

By Milos Culafic

Boost productivity with the new Google Workspace Integration

The Qualtrics and Google Workspace integration enable customers to automatically send calendar invites, import data and easily run the analysis with a seamless connection between Qualtrics and Google ...

By Qualtrics

Why now is the time to revisit your segmentation

Learn what the dramatic shifts of the last year and a half mean for your current segmentation and how we can help you to build a plan of action. As a human experience company partnering with leader...

By Ellen Houston, Erica Dinger

Back to school study: Parents weigh in on the right balance between quality education and safety

Parents are sending their kids back to school for the second time during a global pandemic, but back to school does not mean back to normal. As Delta variant cases surge, especially among children, a ...

By Qualtrics

Certified Questions: Expert-designed, more reliable results

Certified Questions prepare organizations to be inclusive and exhaustive, without exhausting your targeted audience. In the world of research, it has become imperative that we capture the right voi...

By Qualtrics

Meet our powerful experience design tool - DesignXM

As organizations around the world look to re-think the experiences they deliver moving forward, we’re excited to announce DesignXM — a powerful new research and testing engine for experience desig...

By Qualtrics

The future of events is hybrid — here’s how to get the perfect balance of virtual and in-person events in 2021 and beyond

According to our latest research, in-person events will overtake virtual events in popularity by 2022. Explore the findings of our global report, including what they mean for your region, and why a 'h...

By Qualtrics

The role of choice architecture in designing experiences

Learn more about the history of choice architecture, the six key elements that make it up, and how you can apply choice architecture to design better experiences for your customers, employees, and oth...

By Qualtrics

What is design research methodology?

How can design research principles of being curious about your target market and learning what they need give you the ultimate edge in creating the best customer experiences? What is design research...

By Qualtrics

5 must-read market research books for 2022

Our list of the top books for market researchers and business leaders is in! We searched high and low to find the best books on market research - check out some of our favorites and see our full list ...

By Qualtrics

Why use enterprise survey software for global surveys?

When you need to collect insights on a global scale, enterprise survey software can help you create, distribute and analyze results like never before. Find out what sets enterprise surveys apart and w...

By Qualtrics

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