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Why use enterprise survey software for global surveys?

When you need to collect insights on a global scale, enterprise survey software can help you create, distribute and analyze results like never before. Find out what sets enterprise surveys apart and w...

By Qualtrics

Market research software buyer’s guide 2021

See how market research software can help you get faster, better quality insights to every corner of your organization and find which features to look for when choosing the right research tools with o...

By Carol Haney, Elizabeth Dean

Business surveys - 16 free questionnaire templates you can download

Surveys can help with a whole range of business questions and challenges, from designing a new product to checking on employee engagement. Here’s a run-down of the power of the survey and which kind...

By Sarah Fisher

Why cognitive testing reaps ROI for market researchers

Originally published on Imagine that the local dairy farmers in your area want to know how much milk people drink in a week. So they send out a questionnaire that asks, “In a typical d...

By Emily Geisen

Rating vs. ranking: which question type is best for your data?

When it comes to surveys, how you ask each question can be just as important as what you ask. Here we look at two of the most popular question types, their pros and cons, and when to use them. Rating...

By Qualtrics

The 4-step process to improve usability of web surveys

Originally published on Are your surveys designed to be invisible? They should be - the less a respondent has to think about your survey, the more likely they are to complete it. Here...

By Emily Geisen

Where will 2021 take the market research industry?

For market researchers, 2020 was catastrophic yet transformative, demanding rapid change and adaptation in order to survive and thrive. As we move from crisis response to future planning, what does th...

By Elizabeth Dean

17 research quotes to inspire and amuse you

Being a researcher requires dedication, hard work and more than a little inspiration. Here’s something to boost the last item on that list. We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and though...

By Sarah Fisher

Survey ranking questions: Definition, examples and dos and don’ts

Boost your market research by using ranking questions correctly and find out what your customers love about your brand, service, or product. Ranking questions are an important asset in your survey ...

By Qualtrics

Demographic survey questions that yield valuable insights

Better understand your audience by collecting their demographics data to give you better insights and market segmentation. Advertisers know not to put a children’s toy commercial on late night TV...

By Meena Toor

9 Key stages in your marketing research process

You can conduct your own marketing research. Follow these steps, add your own flair, knowledge and creativity, and you’ll have bespoke research to be proud of. Marketing research is the term used...

By Scott Smith

What is acquiescence bias and how can you stop it?

Acquiescence bias is a real issue in survey research. Learn how you can spot it using our examples and read our 5 top tips to avoid it. What is acquiescence bias? Acquiescence bias, also known as th...

By Meena Toor

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