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6 Prerequisites for New Business Software

Modern businesses rely on technology operate more smoothly, create better relationships with both employees and customers, and ultimately to drive higher profits. Accordingly, they thrive on software that helps them track things efficiently, manage items and people, and get things done more easily. Obviously, there are thousands of different types of software and different choices […]

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Holiday Shopping Trends for 2016

Love it or hate it, the holiday shopping season is here. It’s time to forget the turkey and string up the tinsel. As chaotic as the season is for shoppers, retailers are really the ones scrambling to make sure everyone’s got something in their stocking. Here are some 2016 shopping trends. Qualtrics surveyed 1,150 shoppers […]

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Insight Summit: Choose Your Track

Whether you’re a first-year analyst or a world-renowned scientist, the Qualtrics Insight Summit has a stage for you. Last year more than 2,300 attendees made Summit the one-stop event for insight leaders at every stage of sophistication. 2017 will be even bigger with three tracks, world-famous thought leaders on the main stage, and more than […]

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Pollsters Missed the 2016 Election; Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

The polling industry is reeling after the 2016 election. While the absolute level of errors was not unreasonable for most of the polls (between 3-4 percentage points), those errors were not randomly distributed, and in fact nearly all of the polls missed in the same direction—favoring Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. When errors point in […]

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Customer Research: 4 Steps for an ‘Insights First’ Company Culture

When Staples purchased in 1998 for $685 million, they knew they were betting on a winner. Within 10 years they grew revenue from $550 million to more than $1 billion. Quill got to be one of Staples’ top performing divisions with customer research and an ‘insights first’ culture. Jim Hall, Quill’s Research Design Manager […]

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