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Measuring Customer Experience is Only the First Step — Act on What You Find

Gathering data is essential these days, gathering quantitative operational data (O-data) and qualitative experience data (X-Data™) — both can illuminate the customer experience. There are many ways to slice and dice the information for different pictures of the customer experience based on segments, demographics, touchpoints, and more. But I want to talk about an essential […]

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Be Cautious with Media-Rich Data Collection Techniques for Online Experience Management Surveys

Emoji’s, thumbs, stars, or sliders are crowding into numbers, response boxes/bubbles, or verbal labels in online survey response options. There is a popular belief that using more media-rich survey response scales will reduce respondent burden and result in increased respondent engagement, higher participation rates, fewer drop-offs, faster survey completion, and higher data quality. While there […]

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Map Your Customer Experience, Then Set Your Price

For every customer you serve, you want their journeys to always end with you: on your website, in your story, or with your sales rep. To ensure their journey always ends with your company, you must deliver an optimized customer experience. Customer journey maps help you create that ideal customer experience. But they can also help […]

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Brand Experience is Rushing to the Point of Sale

In L2-founder Scott Galloway’s No Mercy / No Malice post, he nails the modern dilemma of branding in a world of atomized attention: The key issue facing … manufacturers’ brands blessed with aspirational appeal and irrational margins — is that brand building has moved from broadcast to point of purchase, and their points of purchase […]

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Millennials Are Still Gender-Sensitive at Work

Millennials are changing the workplace, but old habits die hard. While gender discussions at work often revolve around wage equality or leadership opportunities, it seems that the boy’s club and girl’s club mentality follows even the youngest professionals into the workplace. Two-thirds of millennial women and 72% of men prefer to work with people of […]

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Super Stars, Rocks Stars, and Building Kick-Ass Teams

Sometimes even good leaders get it wrong, because they don’t understand the difference between a super star and a rock star. Here’s How You Build Kick-Ass Teams In the video above, Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, and the Qualtrics Insight Summit’s highest-rated breakout speaker, teaches a […]

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