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New Qualtrics Content Answers: “What is Experience Management?”

Managing your product, brand, customer and employee experiences is the clearest path to business growth. Your experience management (XM) skills determine the future of your brand. XM is how you build awesome products that people camp in line for. XM is how you attract the employees everyone is trying to hire. And XM is how […]

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Qualtrics Community for Beginners

You’re not super savvy with the whole Qualtrics thing. Maybe your boss or professor set you up with an account and now you have a major project you need to do, but you haven’t gotten very far. None of the terminology is familiar and you don’t know where to start. You’ve taken surveys online before, […]

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Five Keys to Optimize Your Brand Tracker

As a company that pioneered a technology to make survey research easier and more efficient, we’ve done our fair share of brand trackers. Qualtrics has created, executed, and managed hundreds of brand trackers of varying complexity. Some were global B2B trackers with minimum quotas on usage of a specific type of product and some as […]

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Six Things to Consider Before Writing Your Survey

The end goal of any survey is getting data that’s accurate and useful. While you might be tempted to start writing your survey right away, if the research foundation is not laid out well, you might not get the data you want for the insights you need. Here are six things you can do to […]

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360 Feedback Example Questions You Can Use Today

We know every organization has unique characteristics, a distinct culture, and a wide variety of leadership needs. We wanted to take some of the basic practices in 360 Feedback survey design and package them up in a sample assessment to help you get started or benchmark your existing efforts.

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Qualtrics Named Winner of 2018 CX Vendor Excellence Awards

Temkin Group recognized Qualtrics as a 2018 Customer Experience Vendor Excellence (CxVE) Award winner. This annual award honors organizations that provide products and services that help companies improve the customer experience they deliver. The award nominations were evaluated based on five criteria, including an overview of company capabilities, detailed client case studies, future direction, feedback […]

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