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The top market research conferences to attend in 2019

The market research industry is evolving. Executives today want smarter and faster insights, and technology and automation are changing the landscape. In order for market research professionals to stay relevant and deliver world-class insights, they must keep up with the latest trends. Market research conferences are a great way to gain insights, strategize new ideas, […]

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Why companies that win at CX started with their employees

The saying ‘happy employees equal happy customers’ is one of the biggest corporate cliches out there. And if you’ve ever been left helpless in a store while staff hung out in the backroom, you’ll know there’s a little more to it. But, there remains a lot of truth in the saying – so why is […]

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Financial firms collect risky survey data they don’t need

Are your surveys sweeping up sensitive customer data? Nearly 20% of financial services companies have accidentally collected sensitive data like driver’s license number, phone number and personal health information in their surveys. But new Qualtrics research shows that only 22% of those companies say they regularly use that data. When financial services companies collect sensitive […]

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Product Failures: How Hive Mentality Could Sting You

Humans evolved into tribal creatures because our early ancestors had the unlucky traits of being both delicious and slow. Individually, humans were vulnerable to predators, but as a group, humans could not just protect themselves, they could project themselves. We used group dynamics to become the dominant species on the savannah – apex predators ourselves. […]

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When good Intentions fall on deaf ears: sensitive survey data collection & protection

The best way to keep sensitive survey data private is to not collect it in the first place. Sensitive data doesn’t just mean credit card numbers and transaction histories. When your customers answer surveys, they frequently offer up sensitive data: personal income, contact info, and in some cases even social security numbers, health info or […]

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10 ways AI has supercharged customer experience

It’s become very clear that AI’s growth in business is being driven by Customer Experience (CX). In fact, Gartner says that CX will represent the majority of AI business value through 2020. And with AI business value estimated at $1.2 trillion in 2018, we’re talking about huge sums of money. CX practitioners have been early […]

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