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CX Insights: How to Align the Front Line in Three Steps

Customer experience management is only for the determined: 70% of all customer experience transformations fail, according to research by McKinsey and Co. And of those failures, 72% can be attributed to employee resistance and unsupportive leadership behaviors. Ron Ritter and Will Enger from McKinsey & Company outline three steps to align front-line behaviors with the […]

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6 Prerequisites for New Business Software

Modern businesses rely on technology operate more smoothly, create better relationships with both employees and customers, and ultimately to drive higher profits. Accordingly, they thrive on software that helps them track things efficiently, manage items and people, and get things done more easily. Obviously, there are thousands of different types of software and different choices […]

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Employee Engagement: The Simply Irresistible Organization Model

The customer may be king, but what if your employees don’t stick around long enough to crown him? Leaders are worried about employee engagement: 86% of executives and HR professionals feel that a good company culture is very important; 85% ranked employee engagement the same way in a recent Deloitte study. They were out-ranked only […]

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Jamie Morningstar Honored in Utah Business’ Forty Under 40 List

Qualtrics is proud to announce that our very own Jamie Morningstar, Staff Product Manager, has been recognized on Utah Business Magazine’s Forty Under 40 list, which honors Utah’s up-and-coming professionals rising through the ranks at record speed. The list includes innovating tech wizards, visionary entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and executive captains who are guiding industry trends […]

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Holiday Shopping Trends for 2016

Love it or hate it, the holiday shopping season is here. It’s time to forget the turkey and string up the tinsel. As chaotic as the season is for shoppers, retailers are really the ones scrambling to make sure everyone’s got something in their stocking. Here are some 2016 shopping trends. Qualtrics surveyed 1,150 shoppers […]

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