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The holiday survival toolkit: Deliver fantastic CX and get your employees through to January

Whether you’re running a store, airport, restaurant, hotel or any other kind of destination business, the holidays are likely to be your busiest time. Here’s how your teams can deliver an excellent customer experience right through to January – and want to stick around afterwards, too. If there’s one key factor in delivering high-quality CX, […]

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Cultivating a Culture of Open Communication

One of the key building blocks to creating a truly exceptional employee experience is cultivating an environment where employees feel free to both share and receive open and honest feedback. By building a culture of open and trusted communication, we can create a more engaging, creative, and authentic workforce where employees feel deeply connected to […]

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5 breakthrough in-store experiences (and the employees behind them)

Increasingly, online and offline customer experiences form part of a merged ecosystem where shoppers move freely between multiple channels. To provide the levels of ease and personalization customers now expect, brands must engage their audiences seamlessly across all touchpoints. Employees have an important role to play in making that happen. Multiple channels, one customer relationship […]

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CoreXM, the Foundation of Experience Management

Every industry evolves. The music industry went from eight-tracks to streaming services. TV went from broadcast to Netflix. Phones went from bricks to small computers that fit in your pocket. Even cars have evolved from Model Ts to autonomous vehicles. Pick any industry and you’ll find an evolution from the old way of thinking to […]

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Why technology is your brand building secret weapon

If the winner of the 2016 Olympic men’s marathon raced the winner of the 1904 marathon, he would have won by nearly 90 minutes. That means that 2016’s winner could have run nearly two marathons in the time it took the 1904 winner to run one. Today’s runners are uncatchable speed machines compared to previous […]

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How retail brands are getting the customer experience right

Danielle Lumetta, Retail Consulting Manager at Accenture, has advised some of the world’s biggest retail brands. In our latest CX Visionaries profile, we spoke to her about brands excelling with the customer experience, and how they’re doing it. Want more CX Retail Knowledge and Insight? Watch Danielle’s Webinar Now. WATCH NOW “There is no rule […]

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