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Experience is Everything at Qualtrics

Ready to make your dreams come true? Experience is everything. We believe in having “experiences” as a benefit at Qualtrics, but fulfilling a “dream” is not the only benefit we believe is important for an overall great employee experience. The “Benefit” of Experiences One of the best things about working for an “experience management” company, […]

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Primary vs. Secondary Market Research: What They Are and When to Use Each

Ancient sailors consumed data just like we do today, but their data wasn’t terabytes, it was shiny lights – stars to be exact. They navigated their vessels by reading “The Big Three” constellations – Cassiopeia, Crux, and Orion. Watching how the constellations rotated and referred to each other in the night sky would point sailors […]

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The UK High Street: It’s Not An Apocalypse, It’s A Revolution

Look back 12 months ago and the British high street would look very different from what it does today. Fast forward another 12 months and you can be certain it will be near unrecognisable. 2018 so far has been characterised by some of retail’s biggest names falling by the wayside. Toys R Us, Maplin, Mothercare, […]

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15 Tips to Streamline your Digital Ad Testing

This is a guest post by Tony Mickelsen, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist for Lucidpress The how of digital ad testing matters. Just doing it here and there is not enough. Why? Because at the heart of ad testing is information. Specifically, information on your prospects, customers, products and brand. This may include who your customers […]

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A $31 Billion Reward Awaits If Russia Gets The Fan Experience Right At The 2018 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is underway and over the next 4 weeks some 3.2 billion people on the planet will tune in to see how their teams fare against the world’s best in Russia. And the hosts kicked off by delivering well above their fans’ expectations with a 5-0 thrashing of Saudi Arabia – not […]

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Why You Should Use Text Analytics in Customer Experience

Text feedback is the closest we ever get to a 1:1 conversation with every customer, every citizen, and every employee. In free text, our customers get to tell us what they really care about and why, unconstrained by the questions we decided to ask them. It’s where the customers get to decide what’s most important. […]

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