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Qualtrics + ServiceNow: Delivering a new standard in customer service and experiences

Top business leaders understand the power of using experience data to activate better decisioning, more effective workflows and experiences that create competitive advantage. ServiceNow is the leader ...

By Qualtrics

New research: A majority of employees support vaccine mandates for businesses and in the workplace

In early 2020, the pandemic upended life as we knew it. Many were left wondering what impact the sudden shift would have on the future of experience. Employee experience was bound to look different, a...

By Liesl Nielsen

How to avoid common pitfalls in your DEI strategy

Embedding DEI across the organization drives better outcomes for all. But too often, DEI initiatives become siloed without creating impact. Here’s how to stay on track and create lasting change. ...

By Farren Roper, Fayruz Kirtzman, Mark Royal

How to build belonging at work: 21 must-read books

2021 is the year of belonging. Here are 21 must-read books on how to build it within your organization and encourage everyone to feel safe and supported so they can be their authentic selves. Our 2...

By Catherine Thurtle

9 ways to be a more effective manager

As a manager, your job is to help your people thrive. Here are our tips for effectively listening to your employees’ needs and turning those insights into action. Managers play a formative role i...

By Qualtrics

How to close experience gaps with DEI technology

Getting DEI right is critical for your employee experience. Here's how to start taking action to close experience gaps and improve DEI within your organization.  The business and social imperative...

By Cecelia Herbert

How to empower leaders to drive engagement

At the end of 2020, we asked 11,800 employees about their experiences at work in order to find out what matters most to them. We heard loud and clear: managers play a critical role in the employee exp...

By Yesenia Cancel

Airbnb DEI Chief on 9 ways to create a culture of belonging

Discover practical ways to foster a culture of belonging that makes your people feel included, safe, and engaged. How do you create a culture where all employees are not only invited to share their...

By Farren Roper

Business surveys - 16 free questionnaire templates you can download

Surveys can help with a whole range of business questions and challenges, from designing a new product to checking on employee engagement. Here’s a run-down of the power of the survey and which kind...

By Sarah Fisher

How we encourage belonging among employees: eCommerce fashion brand Myntra

The key drivers of employee engagement shifted significantly during 2020 – belonging and well-being are now at the top of the list. So how can your organization create a culture where these drivers ...

By Qualtrics

How time tracking can improve employee productivity and mental health

For almost half of companies, remote working is here to stay. This means that isolation, burnout, and stress-related issues are becoming more commonplace. Here’s how tracking employees’ time can a...

By Dean Mathews

Black History Month: voices that have shaped our experiences

We fiercely believe every voice matters – always, not just for one month. But Black History Month is an opportunity to recognize the people who’ve had an especially powerful impact, activating cha...

By Farren Roper

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