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4 Simple Ways We’re Improving the Candidate Experience at The Experience Management Company

How many of us have had terrible experiences during a job interview? You apply but no one responds. You put in hours of interviewing only to wait weeks for a vague rejection email. Interviewing is hard. And it’s not just hard for the candidate, it’s a tricky thing for any company to get right. One […]

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How countries stack up when it comes to employee experience

Benchmarking your employee experience can be a useful exercise to see how you compare to others in your industry, and to track how your EX efforts are doing versus your competitors. But how should you compare the experience for workers in different countries? If you’ve ever emigrated for a job or spend time abroad for […]

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Measuring employee morale by opening the door to instant feedback

Employee Morale is a delicate thing.  The slightest change in routine, procedure or guideline could throw your employees’ state of mind into a tailspin.  Think back to negative experiences in your past roles.  What events put you and your peers into a negative mood? Did your manager make you do something that you didn’t want […]

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18 Employee Experience Stats to Know in 2018

The most successful companies understand that in order to deliver amazing products and customer experiences, it all starts at home – with the employee experience.  There’s a wealth of research out there to show how improvements in the employee experience impact every part of the business. So how are companies currently stacking up? Check out […]

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What new grads should look for in an employee experience

Nine to five. Fifty weeks a year. Forty five years plus. That’s a lot of time. We spend so much time at work, it’s certainly worth spending it well. The Employee Experience means everything. If it’s bad, people don’t perform at their best, or they want to leave. If it’s good, employees understand what’s expected of […]

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Everything You Need to Know About People Analytics

Today’s HR leaders are increasingly savvy and sophisticated when it comes to influencing their Executive peers. Their secret? They start with a pervasive belief that employees are the key driver of value for their organization. Then they define a clear business case for why their programs and initiatives are superbly impactful. It sounds easy, and […]

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