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10 ways AI can make human resources more human

At first glance, AI and HR seem to be polar opposites. After all, how could a function that includes the word human in its name use technology that’s artificial? If you dig deeper, though, you see how AI could transform the HR profession into what most HR professionals wish it to be. One that focuses […]

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How HR can make a difference: Dean Carter, CHRO at Patagonia

This is the first installment of our new blog series, “Employee Experience Visionaries.” In each post, we’ll feature highlights from a conversation with an HR thought leader on company culture, employee engagement, HR’s evolving role, and so much more. We’re thrilled to kick off the series with a conversation with Dean Carter, Patagonia’s Chief HR […]

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The top employee engagement and human resources conferences for 2019

Human resources is no longer just hiring and firing. It’s evolved into the employee experience (EX) where departments create dynamic workforces, contribute to company profits, and rely heavily on data and people analytics. In order for human resources professional to stay relevant and understand the ever-changing industry, they must keep up with the latest trends. […]

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Personal relationships are everything when it comes to employee engagement

The results of our 2018 State of Play Employee Engagement study are in and from our research into the experience for 6,000 employees around the world, one thing is clear — personal relationships are one of the key factors that impact the experience. Our study looks at employee engagement across a range of sectors in […]

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Are you using stay interviews in your employee experience program?

Very often companies wait until employees exit to ask about their experiences – what worked, what didn’t, did they have adequate learning opportunities, how often did they receive feedback, etc. Although exit interviews and surveys are valuable, it’s often too late in the game to have a meaningful intervention on that employee’s experience, particularly for […]

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How to make the candidate experience count

In today’s talent market, candidates hold all the cards. From increasing demands for very specific skill sets to new types of jobs emerging and a trend towards slower time to fill positions, today’s candidates can be incredibly selective about their next career moves compared to those just 10 years ago. They wield significant power in […]

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