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SHRM’s New Approach to EX Impact: Learn More at the SHRM Annual Conference

If you ask nearly any HR practitioner or consultant where they go to find the most timely, valuable, and accurate information to help them do their job, the answer will be SHRM. The combination of tho...

By Qualtrics

Top Executives Expect to Spend More to Meet Rising Customer and Employee Demands

In the midst of the pandemic and ongoing labor shortage, C-Suite executives say customers and employees will become more demanding in the coming months, and spending will increase around technology, h...

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EX25: The next generation of employee engagement

Employee surveys have been in use since the 1970s when they focused on gauging people’s satisfaction with things like pay rate, schedule, and office space. As the decades passed, companies began to ...

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How to design inclusion into everyday work life

Foster a culture of inclusion at your organization with these actionable steps. It’s better for your people – and your business. Looking for ways to design inclusion into your everyday work lif...

By Lindsay Johnson - Ph.D.

Expert tips: How to retain talent during ‘The Great Resignation’

Increase employee retention at your organization with these six strategies from HR experts. Watch full ‘The Great Resignation’ webinar now According to the U.S. Department of Labor, job open...

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How one of Asia’s leading communications technology companies is rethinking the employee experience

Steve Bennetts, EX Solutions & Strategy   Like every organization across the world right now, Singtel - one of Asia’s leading communications technology companies - in designing new wo...

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5 soft skills managers need to lead hybrid teams

Managers play a major role in employees' engagement and likelihood to stay. As organizations look to design a new way of working, these are the skills managers need to lead in a hybrid work environmen...

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New Research: Vaccine policies may determine whether employees stay or go

How do employees feel about mandatory vaccinations and how can organizations address the new federal mandate while addressing the concerns and requirements of employees? In this article, we share our ...

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Moving from employee engagement to employee experience: 5 lessons from one of Asia’s leading banks

The concept of employee engagement has been around for several decades now. Many companies use annual employee surveys to gauge how connected their people feel towards the workplace, but few go beyond...

By Vikas Verma

A push for impact: Connecting employee experience data to key metrics in healthcare

It’s intuitive, the employee experience is both rapidly changing and hyper-local.  In other words, each interaction on a personal level has an impact on whether your current experience is positive ...

By Jordan Katz

The power of feedback: Why 360 matters

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers.” In the light of recent events we’ve stopped to examine it– and ask: what is it exactly about the man...

By Somya Mathur

How to develop your people for the future of work.

How do you get that competitive edge, boost employee retention and develop all levels of talent for the new world of work? This is how... The world of work is changing. New business models, increase...

By Lynly Schambers Lenox

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