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Fostering belonging through workforce diversity and inclusion

Is your company fully leaning into workplace diversity and inclusion? It not only creates a sense of belonging for your people, but also gives your company a competitive advantage. Here’s a closer l...

By Amanda Wowk

Why it’s time to listen to our people

Right now many of your people may be in deep distress. Are you listening to how they’re feeling? Are you listening to what they need? And not only that: are you taking action? Are you listening t...

By Alexis Lopez

How Canada’s largest credit union is helping both members and employees respond to the pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, many Vancity employees saw their workload skyrocket, said Tony Xu, Research Consultant for the Canadian credit union. The global pandemic affected not only Vancity employees — ...

By Liesl Nielsen

Sample Size Calculator

How many people do you need to interview to get results representative of the target population with the level of confidence that you are willing to accept? Download our step-by-step guide to make ...

By Qualtrics

Employee feedback examples using formal, informal, and constructive techniques

We make experiences truly transformative through the quality of our connections and conversations. By developing our feedback muscles and making it a shared accountability to be great at delivering an...

By Marcus Wolf

10 powerful quotes on leadership to inspire your organization

A primary focus of an employee experience program is career and leadership development for employees, Qualtrics does this using our 360-degree feedback software. In the spirit of leadership develo...

By Qualtrics

Bouncing back: 20 books on resilience and reinvention

As organizations adapt to the ‘new normal’, page through these books to inspire you with ideas on how to bounce back stronger. Learn about the first five below, and download the full list to see a...

By Catherine Thurtle

Managing times of crisis using active and passive listening

As COVID-19 continues to unfold, employees are asking for a sense of connection and open communication on employment, structure, opportunity and change. Now more than ever it is critical to meaningful...

By James H. Killian, Manish Goel

Checking in on HR: How people teams can find a sense of calm

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and there has possibly never been a more relevant time to talk about supporting not only employees' mental health and well-being, but HR’s too. Since the outbre...

By Catherine Thurtle

What’s next for Employee Experience? 5 Stages to a new normal

As alarming as the original disruption COVID-19 introduced was, businesses face yet even more change and areas to navigate ahead. And these areas come from an unlikely place - the return to new normal...

By Benjamin Granger

Telefónica: Improving employee loyalty during tough times

“We have an expression in Spain: ‘In good times, friends. In hard times, family,” says Sergio De La Calle Asensio, Head of Engagement at telecoms giant Telefónica. “The goal of getting thr...

By Daniel Saunders

How to interpret results from your Remote + On-site Work Pulse

The results are back from your Remote + On-site Work Pulse, but you’re not sure what to do next. Don’t worry! Here are our tips for interpreting the results from your pulse. Step 1: Review the re...

By Amanda Wowk

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