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How to Create a Culture of Employee Feedback

This post is the first of four posts on the Qualtrics Employee Experience Masterclass. HR experts and organizational psychologists will cite a myriad of “foundational” elements necessary for building great employee experience (EX) programs—census engagement surveys, pulse methods, touchpoints across the full lifecycle, real-time manager dashboards, among them. These are all critical components but when […]

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6 Ways to Pretest Your Survey Before You Send It

Running your survey through a series of tests to check for potential problems can save you a lot of headaches down the road and ensure that you get the data that you want. In this post we discuss six different strategies for testing surveys before starting your data collection.

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Employee Engagement Strategies That Will Redefine Your Employees’ Experience

Employee engagement research makes it crystal clear that employee engagement and the volume of disengaged employees has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and an organization’s ROI. In fact, you’ve most likely seen Gallup’s stats that indicate less than one-third of U.S. employees have been engaged in their jobs over the last 15 years. So […]

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Shifting Your Employee Feedback to Focus on People Performance

Employees are the heart of every organization. But while most people understand the central role employees play, too many organizations rely on feedback programs that are unimpactful, and even burdensome. You know the type of program I’m talking about—six months to develop the questionnaire, another two to analyze the data, and then a lukewarm response […]

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Stronger Together: Why We’re Partnering with IBM Kenexa to Disrupt HR Employee Engagement

At Qualtrics, we believe that great experiences happen when organizations understand the relationship between their people, their products, their brand and their customers. Employee experience is really the foundation of this ecosystem. And that’s why today we are announcing a partnership with IBM Kenexa. For those of you who don’t know the name, Kenexa was […]

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How many people do you need to interview to get results representative of the target population with the level of confidence that you are willing to accept? SAMPLE-SIZE CALCULATOR Qualtrics offers a sample-size calculator that can help you determine your ideal sample size in seconds. Just put in the confidence level, population size, margin of […]

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